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    starting to really enjoy and get way more into splitbding & would like to know what the fastest, best swtich over is today? i’ve a voile 165cm, like it but a little thin in the thick powder. ones I’m aware of: Jones, Option, Prior and Voile… then there’s making my own. much needed advice as its gonna be pricey to start aquiring gear and want to avoid the crevasses of BS versus good equip. peace.

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    Start here dude, there is a wealth of information on the site already:


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    I think most of the switch over is the same. Maybe you’ll save 30 seconds with one or the other. Its not big rush really at the top of a hill after you have skinned for 2 hours, why worry about 30 seconds 😉

    Most of the time I find is in the packing up of your poles, folding skins, putting jacket on ect. All the boards have to be put together, with maybe Karkoram(sp?) being potentially faster because you can wear the bindings and click back into tour mode without taking them off. Haven’t used them so I cant say.

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    is there a question in there :scratch:

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