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    sorry if this was already a post. I wear size 12 ride full boots. What crampons would fit me? Any suggestions?


    304 Posts with review from neil provo. I also tried Black diamond contact and the petzl vasak fitted the best and you can go from articulated to stiff if you ever get a hard sole boot.

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    What boots are you using? The BD Contact are golden on the Deeluxe Spark… have used them a lot together this season and have no complaints. Just make sure they’re adjusted properly to the length of your boot sole.

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    the bd contacts don’t fit my 10.5 32 ultralights, the standard connector bar is just too short. also, the steel tabs the straps attach to are too close together to let the heel sit properly and the ankle strap doesn’t go up very high. they also don’t fit my 46 spantiks. i love them for summertime with approach shoes but like the camp xlc 490 for winter, they were designed to work with boots. i’ve also used the grivel g10s and prefer those over the bd contact for boots. if you think you can minimize time spent on rock i’d go with the 490’s, i love mine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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