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    First of I hope many trip reports for me. Pictures will be of better quality in the future, when I remember my camera and don’t have to use my cellphone…

    Anyway, wednesday November 24th was a beautiful, but cold, not just Cali cold but actually cold (high of 18 at lake level probably closer to 10 on the ridge), day of touring on the west shore of Tahoe.

    Met up with mmcpheet at 6:00 am for 2 hr drive up from the foothils. Despite a 1/2 hour delay waiting for idiots to chain up in the middle of the freeway

    :nononno: :nononno: :nononno:

    we were cruising past Squaw around 8:00am. And it looked like there would be some snow to ride.

    We saw more evidence of snow as we cruised around the lake.

    There were probably a dozen folks out before us so we had a good skin track to follow for the first 1500′ of climbing.

    But they must have been out for a quick lap before work because soon enough we were breaking trail through untouched snow.

    And the lake just had to show off a little as we neared the top of the ridge.

    We stopped to dig a pit.

    And dig, and dig, and dig. Yep. There’s a little snow up here :bananas:

    Then it was time for lunch on the ridge. I’d actually left mine in the car but mmcpheet was kind enough to share some trailmix.

    And then, the moment I’d been waiting for, my first turns of the season.

    Big thanks to mmcpheet for showing me around. For now I’m headed back to Southern California where I will curse La Nina and pray for snow. But Tahoe and I have another date in February for the Echo Lake splitparty, so maybe I’ll just have to cling to that.

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    Nice. I was there Wed morning too. We broke off the main trail and hit a nearby peak. Those were some of the best turns I have had in some time. Brooks did a quick video of that day.


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    Yep I was there too. My camera was acting up so all that I go was pics. But it was there and good for the gettin!!

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    Nice vid Rughty. My camera turned off inexplicably (first time snowboarding with the gopro) shortly after that clip stopped.

    Was that shot by attaching the gopro to your pole? I like the angle.

    I saw a lonesome and very aesthetic line off a northeast aspect one peak south of us. Was that you?

    Anyway, I’ll be back up late December early January as well. And I’ll be looking to ride as much as possible. Hopefully I’ll see you out there.

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    Good touring with you! What a great day for first turns in November. :thumpsup:

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    yeah, sweet video…tahoe is going off!!! did a couple of laps on jakes yesterday and today. a little busy out there, but enough fresh for everyone.

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    Thanks for the early season stoke Silver.

    Great video rughty. Haven’t heard Dead Prez for awhile, but its a classic.

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    Nice work, I’d recognize Matt on the skin track any day!
    Good to see you in a TR man!

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