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    Once again, that was some sweet shred.



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    Here is another video from Saturday. Sunday coming soon…


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    don’t tell

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    Day 2!

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    Could not have thought it was all that good since instead of doing another lap (or 2) you guys ran home to edit and post videos. :scratch: 😉 😉 😉

    Some of use did a few more laps cause it was that good. :thumpsup: (and skipped the video 😥 )

    Outside of Rubicon, no one agrees on what the names of any of the other west shore peaks are. So telling someone you were on X means nothing. Especially when it comes to Bliss, Hidden and 9269. It’s all in the eye of the rider. So asking someone where to park is fairly useless. You just have to got out and explore it. Which I highly recommend.

    I agree the west shore is awesome. :thumpsup: :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

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    One more video from Sunday’s riding…


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    looks like a great couple of days guys! though i can personally vouch that all that snow is ruined now…. i know; i tried to ride it today.

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    Nature groomed the west shore today. Maybe the funnest day I’ve had there.
    Messed up my first run not finding my line I was standing right on top of then second run a skier had found it :(….so I dollar signed his turns :). Last tree run of the day was ridiculous. Basically an old growth super G course:
    safety meeting complete:

    snow geese flying north:

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    Video came out awesome! It was a good day considering it’s April… Are you down to hit it up again this am before the storm moves through?


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    Fun day, Brooks! So glad I could provide a little comedic relief for your vid. 😆 Fun day, excellent crew, never get tired of that West Shore view.

    What do you think, Fassnor?

    Got another one of those in you?

    Ooops – guess not! 😛

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    awesome vidy and shots… well, maybe except the last one 🙂 Nice to meet and ride with you guys! hope we get a few more winter pow days like that this season!

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