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    What’s going on out there in “splitboard world”? I know you’re getting hammered with snow out west; Colorado, California, Utah, etc. Are you guys giving up on trip reports and moving your trips to “Current Conditions” or what? Maybe ya’ll are just smarter than me and keeping your powder adventures to yourselves. Smart move I guess, because on day 2 of the 2011/12 backcountry season for me there were a good 40 to 50 other snow enthusiasts out there. Unreal!!! Maybe I should just stop now. Naw… We Need Our STOKE Don’t We??? So bring it people.

    Skiers hacking lines.

    Yes, for all their bitching about snowboarders wrecking their lines… They seem to do a pretty good job of “Squeajying” themselves.

    Boarders jibbing

    ski mountaineers getting out there

    my old friend POW

    did someone say WhiteRoom?

    Mountains and glaciers slayed

    and mountains to slay another day

    and the final shot of a fine day

    Now come on you guys, bring on the stoke and get the word out!

    and by the way, these pics are all from uh California. Somewhere in the uh Sierras, yea The Sierras. :mrgreen:

    ta hui
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    nice D green
    ready to rally any time :headbang:
    where is the 3rd shot up from the bottom at?

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    remember the days when even the skiiers didn’t know what a splitboard was? wonder how they feel. yes, the word is out and spreading more every year. with the use of this forum the word spreads and the stoke follows. happy, exited, uncontrolled, caffeine filled wild eyes bouncing off the walls with stoke. which is what YOUR word has brought to me. thanks! fire season has only just begun.

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    Another great day in the mountains to be had by many for sure :thumpsup:

    Still boney on approach

    Higher above the Pass


    NW Face in Sun an objective for a another day :mrgreen: You might be able to make out the group D-GREEN referenced. They stayed on the glacier in the shadows.

    On top of our first line

    Looking for a line on the next objective

    Dropping first line

    On top of 2nd line

    D-GREEN slaying it

    My parting shot, does it go D?

    Stoked for the first face shots of the season :guinness:

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    bump … for quality stoke,

    please bring more soon …

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    Not much, no riding shots, as is the case with solo trips but a couple of shots from last weekend.

    And Here’s a couple of pictures from work.

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    Nice stoke fellas!

    Haven’t talked too or seen either of you since last April. Did you ever tour into the Plateau area after that sunday of the splitfest?

    I MIGHT just make it up to AK this season..stay tuned!

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