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    What has been your experience with asking a Water-Jet company to split your board?

    What was the company’s Name and location (City, State).

    How did you prep the board to be water-jetted?

    Did anyone have a bad experience using a water-jet to split their board? If so, what would you have done different?

    I have four board to split this summer. I found a water-jet company in Grand Junction, Colorado, willing to cut a snowboard. But they have not cut a snowboard before.

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    There are pros and cons for the water jet.
    I have found the that you need to find a company that cares about doing a perfect job.
    I have cut 20+ boards on the water jet and I always give the guy a rock board to setup on. I usually wait till I have about 5 boards so that they will spend some time on the setup but even then sometime they don’t get it right.
    It’s hard when you don’t have an invested interest in the outcome.

    The cut from a water jet is nice and you don’t lose as much material, but if you cut yourself you know it’s getting done right.
    Self-cutting also allows you to put taper in. I haven’t found anyone that will cut taper with a water jet yet as the setup is too long.
    Good luck, I’m sure there are guys on here that can refer you to a good company.


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    I’m probably going to be going the waterjet cut path for my DIY entry into splitboarding soon as well. Is it recommended you hack saw the nose/tail edges for the cut like with a saw, or is that not an issue since there isn’t the spinning blade to catch a metal edge?


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    Edges wont be problem water jets can cut thick steel plate. Circular saw is quite easy with a good saw and new blade.
    any one tried laser cutting? can it be done i guess so?

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    I lucked out with another local SB board member’s recommendation. I went through Waterjet Design in Hillsboro, OR. The shop was about a mile down the road from my job. I spoke with John on the phone and had to wait a few days to receive a quote because his machine was down for maintenance. Once I got an answer back, I dropped my board off in the morning and it was ready for pickup that same afternoon. I didn’t have to prep my board because this was his second snowboard. I gave him the basic measurement (lenght, width) from the manufacturer’s website. When I got my board back, I didn’t find any flaws or significant gaps. In the end, I paid $63 for a waterjet cut. John said he was willing to cut more snowboards and thinking about placing his business card at some local snowboard shops.

    I spoke with another local waterjet company and he wanted several measurements in order to give me a quote. I thinks he was going to charge for both the cut and CAD prep work. He stated he has never cut a snowboard before, but he has received inquiries. I think his price would going to cost over $100 since this would have been the first snowboard.

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