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    Here’s some pics from a recent trip to the great state of Washington for the Mt Baker Splitfest. I had only been to WA for snowboarding some 15 years ago and after this trip I couldn’t believe it took me so long to return. I’ve been sworn to tell you all that the snow sucks, the mountains are flat, and the locals are dicks. 😉

    Joking aside, I’d go as far to say the place is a snowboarding mecca. It’s sick and there’s so much terrain….just don’t tell anyone I told ya. :thumpsup:

    The Olympics, just one small piece of the cascades

    Straight from the airplane to the skintrack in under 2hours. My kinda tour too….straight up from the lot! Thanks spicoli! :thumbsup:

    About 3/4 the way up, looking over to Alpental

    Chair Peak (I think)

    Met a mutual friend on the skintrack, Adam. He does the honors on “the slot”

    I’m stoked

    No shots within the line due to safety but here’s spicoli on the apron

    Towards the exit notch we go

    but not before a few more turns…. (spicoli pics)

    wiping the lenses clean from the cascade concrete 😉


    The road to Mt Baker

    Mt Baker ski area which ironically is nowhere near Mt Baker proper and sits on the arm of Mt Shuksan

    Kyle, Ben, and Jon heading out for some sidecountry. Props to the ski area for allowing uphill traffic!

    Table mountain and the sidecountry, no wonder so many good riders call this place home

    On the skinner

    The skinner and booter up Table Mtn

    Topping out on table, can you tell I’m stoked to be here

    The view didn’t suck, Mt Shuksan

    Baker proper

    Jcocci getting some with the rest of the crew on deck in the upper left corner

    Too many tracks on the frontside so off to the backside we go, pic by Nomad

    Good snow makes for good turns

    More Mt Baker….next year!

    Kyle Miller

    b.s. spayin’

    nomad rides strong and is fun to watch

    Chilling in the condo

    Friday night demo set-up and meet-n-greet at Chair 9 and a stoked lady splitter with the new Prior AMF and 12/13 Spark Blazes. The bluegrass band was good too but the dude kept getting closer and closer when he saw the camera….awkward. 🙂

    The next day we aim for Shuksan

    Da crew

    Getting over an old avy crown = scary

    More skintrack stoke and amazing views (nomad pic)

    Kyle Miller out front (nomad pic)

    Getting on the upper Curtis glacier

    John on the booter

    Almost there

    Shuksan summit proper

    Glacier Bandit (nomad pic)

    Kyle on the glacier before the lines drop off into oblivion (nomad pic)

    The descent didn’t go quite as planned so no riding pics but if you look close you can see our tracks to the right down the White Salmon glacier

    Nomads pic and annotations. Our intended line in red (which nomad was able to barely make through safely due to ice), green is the rest of the group’s descent, yellow is another group of splitter’s line from the day

    9hr day, 7k of vert, and a day I’ll never forget with a great crew. Thanks guys!

    8pm Saturday night at Chair 9, by 9pm it was standing room only. Big ups to the organizers, all the sponsors, and attendees!

    The next morning the Karakoram boys set up some stoked splitters with demo bindings, Chad from Jones snowboards throwing the shaka.

    The next day back to the Baker sidecountry where I crossed paths with the Chimera crew and wasatch surf. Great to see you guys!

    On the road back to Seattle. Kyle and John taking in the view at Chuckanut Bay.

    Day 5, to Kyle’s backyard in the Crystal Mountain backcountry we go, jcocci slashin’

    Kyle on run 2

    Seattle and Mt Rainier in the distance. I’ll be back for sure! Hopefully with the family someday too. Thanks again to jcocci, mrs jcocci, and the rest of my WA friends for the hospitality! you rule! :thumbsup:

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    Beautiful!!!! Very nice TR!!

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    Nice pics! Love the one of Adam dropping in the slot.

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    Sick! I had no idea you guys got up on Shuksan.

    Kyle Miller
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    It was great showing you the place we call home.

    See you soon 😉

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    Beautiful images, beautiful tours. Thanks for sharing. Stoked.


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    Oops. My head just exploded.


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    the sierras these are not!! it was fun riding with you, chris. hope to see you up here next season.

    ps great photos!

    pps i heard something like 20 people rode the nwc on shuksan last weekend.

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