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    I’m not working this winter, so I’m good to go nearly any day. Anyone wanting to ride at Baker, give a shout.

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    Considering going to Baker on Dec 20 or 21. Boarding for 7 years, new to splitboarding. Got my first runs on the new split yesterday at Crystal. Anyone intersted in leading a Baker adventure?

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    Going to be around Baker the next few days if anybody is interested in going out.

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    Hey all, 1st full season on my split this year, got out a couple times last year. Been riding resort for quite a few years. I’d love to meet up with some people to tour with. I’m an RN, and as such get every other week off more or less, so I have ample time. I’m based in Wenatchee, day trips around snoqualmie and stevens would be awesome. I’d be willing (read: would love to) get out around Rainier, Crystal and Baker as well to see some new terrain.

    I have every other weekend off, so weekends and weekdays both work for me. Hope to meet some of ys!

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    What’s up guys, Jefe from Portland here. Thinking about heading up to Baker this weekend, anyone want to get out on Monday? Gonna ride the resort on Sunday too if anyone wants to link up. I’ve been to the resort 5 or 6 times, but have not ridden Table mtn. or anything else yet, anyone doing a Monday trip I could tag along with? I’m bringing a few splitter and AT buddies as well.

    Will trade Mt. Hood beta and spots in return…. :bananas: Hope to cya! :doobie:

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    I’m new-ish to Seattle too and looking for touring partners. I have avy gear and my level 1 course and have been riding for about 20 years (2nd year splitting, have about 8-10 days touring). Looking mainly for daytrips to get more familiar in the backcountry around Alpental/Snoq. and Crystal, but up for just about anything.

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    In Seattle for the week looking to get out. I have a car and willing to travel. 707-217-6246.


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    I’m going to be in Mt.Baker this weekend. If anyone wants to meet up and show us around that would be awesome!

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    Hey ajberge – glad to see you posted up on this thread. Wuz just gonna put a shout out for ya to see if we can hook you up with any splitters around Seattle this weekend.

    I can vouch for aj – someone meet up with him, please. his whistler plans fell through and he really wants to get out with riding partners this week.

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    Damn, sorry I didn’t catch that sooner PJ. I haven’t been checking in here. Next time feel free to message me direct.
    I was mostly lame this weekend, but could have at least pointed AJ in the right direction. Nomad was in town looking for a serious partner.

    Hope everyone got out for some awesomely good conditions this weekend!


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    Looking to linkup for trips. Just had my Burton split by now getting bindings done and kit gear ready. Live on Queen Anne, have Subaru. New to splitting, boarding however since 1987. Look me up, I have a loft up here good for movies and gearing up. I ride longboard skates around the city and have an extra Omen, good for getting legs amped up.

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    please don’t go to meet up looking for partners for anything except socializing. you are safer going solo.

    Sorry if I have become less then welcoming to inviting people along lately. It’s tough to find parnters with like styles, and risk and exposure preferance and tolerances. I often tour in moderate to high danger, exposed terrain, long days, and prefer small groups of 3 or 4 at most.

    the best thing to do would be for everyone new looking to explore the area. which are at least 5 or more above me, hook up, start small, grab a guide book, internet resource, or my personal favorite, a good ol topo map, for a starting point. start dreaming, do some rescue drills together. build confidence and terrain knowledge together. cracking a group that took years to forge and learn their spots is kinda tough without knowing you.

    or, try ‘answering’ a post on TAY. people are always looking for a partner on there. you’re more likely to get a bite from a hungry fish.

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    Sorry if I’m “creeping” on this post as I’m not a WA local. Just read in occasionally in hopes of seeing some rad photos.
    But I wanted to post and say that the above post offers some solid advice on picking partners partners, both hunting them down and keeping groups down to solid, competent people. Good stuff.
    I’ll go back to the MT thread now!

    Peter Rabbit
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    Sorry to hear about your experience, but sometimes you are better off sending a pm to person on the thread. I met several WA State splitters on this thread through a pm instead of waiting for response. Your next best opportunity is the Mt Baker Splitfest next month. I’m sure you will meet tons of people to venture out on some tours. If you are ever in the Portland or southern Washington area, I’ll go tour with you. We got a solid group of guys always looking to get out. Good Luck

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    Anybody else headed to the LBS this weekend? I’m taking the splits but will probably be doing slack country laps instead of climbing Shuksan. 🙂

    Picking new partners is tough. You need everybody at about the same level – commitment, fitness, experience, etc to make it work out. The Baker splitfest is a great way to meet people of all levels but I’m a bit biased. 🙂

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

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    Hey Ryan, thanks for the kind words! Sorry if I came off like a dick. I know what a pain in the ass it is to try and find competent partners and feel blessed to have so many up here. I wasn’t trying to snub your partner request. I was just saying that ale_capone’s post was right on the money from my point of view as well. As you probably know from experience, once you get a solid group of touring pals it’s hard to let a new person into that clique if they can’t really be vouched for… which is why I thought ale’s suggestion of meeting up with the other few folks who’d posted looking for partners was a good suggestion. Best of luck out there!
    That’s funny what you others guys said about nomad being in town… too bad he didn’t find anyone out there. I wound up touring with him on Saturday around Bozeman.

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    Weekend warrior looking for partner(s) this April – June.

    Just getting my info out there and will most likely PM some of the other newer people in this thread. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the Baker Splitfest due to work. My current ride partner was unfortunate enough to fracture a rib and is now out for the rest of the season (I had done this myself a previous season).

    30ish male
    proper gear and ability to use it – shovel, probe, beacon, clinometer, etc
    recently took 8 hour AAIRE Awareness class @ Stevens Pass
    new to split/skinning but 19 years of snowboarding– I mostly ride Stevens and Baker side country
    previous back country experience snowshoeing and hiking/mountaineering

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