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    Having never been to WA except for a heli trip (north cascades) back in the 90s I know very little about the driving logistics.

    I’m getting ready to book a flight for the splitfest and originally thought I was supposed to fly into Seattle. Is it better to fly into Bellingham? Where is Glacier in relation to either?

    I’d like to fly into Seattle as the flights are less than half of that to b-ham. If I have to fly in to b-ham it will probably be a deal breaker.

    So any WA splitters have some beta for me? I have a place to stay in glacier Fri-Sat and that’s all I really know. I’d like to fly into Seattle on Thurs and ride somewhere Friday before night 1 of the fest that night.

    Thanks in advance for helping a WA nooob! :thatrocks:

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    Sure, no problem. You fly into Seattle and then Bellingham is about 1.5 hours north on I-5. Glacier is east of Bellingham on highway 542. So just rent a car at the airport (or get a local splitter to pick you up) and you’re set.

    christoph benells
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    carpool bcrider!!!! there will be a caravan coming up from pdx

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    Definitely fly into Seattle. If you get in early enough in the day I’d say just go ride at Baker – it’s about a 30 minute drive past Glacier.

    Kyle Miller
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    Yeah Sea Tac is a much better option. If I have my car dialed by then I would totally be down to give you a ride.

    Thank you sooo much for showing me around Tahoe I really appreciate it!

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    @RossM wrote:

    Definitely fly into Seattle. If you get in early enough in the day I’d say just go ride at Baker – it’s about a 30 minute drive past Glacier.

    Seattle is the way to go. I second the idea to go ride @ Baker on Friday. It will give you a chance to get a layout of the area and see what’s available on Saturday and Sunday.

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

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    Fly into seatac . Rent a cheap car or get a local to pick you up. Drive to Glacier. Put gear in room. Continue to upper parking lot at baker. Put on skins and proceed up the fire road to at the left corner of the upper lot. You will see the backcountry access /avalnche warning signs ect.
    The good terrain is in eyesite if its not fogged in.

    Your gonna lot it.

    oh yeah….buy anything you may need in B-ham or seattle. There isnt much in Glacier and nothing at Baker

    Archie McPhee
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    Another possibility is to fly with Allegiant Air They are cheap, but have limited airports they service, one of which is Bellingham. If you are lucky and live near one of their terminals in CA, it might be a good deal for you. Bellingham is definitely closer to Glacier than SeaTac.


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    Thanks for all the advice WA splitters!

    Flight = booked! So stoked. :headbang:

    ps. If anyone wants to shoot the shit, grab lunch and a brew, or show me around Seattle I’ll have 8hrs to burn on Thursday the 22nd. I land at 9am and my homie works till 5pm.

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    That is enough time to go up to Snoqualmie and shred. Only an hour away.

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    There is a light rail that costs only 4$ and it will take you from the airport to downtown. The best way to go. If you dont have any plans on thursday I could prolly head up to the pass and do some shredding if your interested. Its only 45 mins away. I am right off the light rail by a block about 15 mins from the airport. Good luck.


    randomly caught this thread but i work around downtown all day friday and am driving up to glacier for splitfest, that night, if you needed a ride or anything write back.

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    I’d skip riding snow Friday and go ride the ducks. Maybe check out the og strabucks, pikes place, and go up the space needle.

    I’d like to help, but I ham rollin pretty cramped in a two seater s-10 with kill climbz. Text will be sent, maybe we can hook something up on Friday.

    Most likely going to mbsf, but killz has to be back to sea tac Sunday morn.

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    Thanks all! :thatrocks:

    If turns are only an hour away that seems like a no brainer. I’ll PM you my contact info in the next day or so and let’s play it by ear.

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    Fun riding with you Chris

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    @spicoli11 wrote:

    Fun riding with you Chris

    Same to you Jeff!

    Thanks for showing me the goods! :thatrocks:

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