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    Well with all the bad news and bizarre conditions coming out of the wasatch this winter I thought I would post some pics from the season thus far. We haven’t been able to get on any big lines this year but lots of low angle riding is better than nothing and we better all enjoy it before there are roller coasters and trams all over the place.

    Bucky deep in one of the Wasatch’s most used, unused canyons

    Dusk Tour. Just me, a porcupine, and some rime

    What? A powder day?

    Air Martin

    Lot’s of solo touring in last week’s powder. Me vs. the wasatch wiggle

    Black Bess


    we got 40″ last week and then it all went to shit in our super warm temps yesterday and today. hopefully we get some good spring powder like last year.

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    @wasatch surf wrote:

    Nice Pano! :thumbsup:

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    Ya mate! Beauty shots. :thatrocks: Certainly has been a tough one this season, but great to see someone making the most of it.

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    Really nice photos there. Been trying to figure out the best way to carry the DSLR out in the field, any tips?

    wasatch surf
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    thanks for the comments guys!

    RougeRider- use the smallest case you can find. You can use some carabiners and clip it to the front of your pack, or you can stuff it inside your pack. For most stuff around the Wasatch I can fit everything I need in a 25L pack including my DSLR, but for bigger days crampons, ropes, etc… be prepared to size up your pack a lot. Either way you are going to be carrying a lot more weight than your buddies, but taking photos is half the reason for me being out there.

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    nice shots!!

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    That shot of your turns is sweeeet!

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