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    I have an old Volkl Selecta 168 that I am thinking of turning into a DIY splitboard.

    The only concern I have is the plastic “powder channel” at the back of the board.

    Has anyone split one of these before??? Do I need to remove the powder channel, or will it be ok to accpet the clips to hold it together??

    Good idea, or bad idea I should forget before ruining the board.


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    I’ve never heard of anyone splitting one of these.
    I’m pretty sure no one on the forum has DIY’d one of these. (At least none who’ve written about it)

    You should be good to go as is. Split it and ride. You’ll loose some stiffness and pop by severing the carbon stringers though.
    I have a feeling you’ll eventually end up requiring a pow channel-ectomy, but ride it first and see how it goes. It depends on how stiff the powder channel plastic is. If you do cut it off, leave some material so you don’t have to epoxy the rear.

    It’s totally legit to leave the tail clip off on dovetails & swallys (i.e. to have the rear chinese clip be the aft-most connection between the two halves).

    I’m a little stumped on the best option for skin tail clips (if you’re into that sort of thing). . .

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    Tail clips work on my diy swallow split. I just put them on the opposite side as I would a regular tail split.

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