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    I put a set of dual height risers on my split this year. My issue is that I would like to be able to use the crampons in fixed mode. I mounted the climbing bars with the spacer from the original voile risers, but the block for the G3’s is longer so the raised bead on the crampons won’t fit under them. I was thinking of cutting the enter section of the bead out of the crampons, but thought i would ask people here first if they had any advice. Any help would be appreciated before I hack into my gear.

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    I had a similar issue with my Spark Chomps. I drilled my G3 risers further back (than Voile spec) to remedy this. Your situation is different because the board is already built. You could Dremel either the G3 piece or the crampon, I would see if its easier to do the crampon because I don’t know how the plastic G3 piece would hold up after dremeling. Maybe a little of each??? good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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    If you have the new Orange Crampons they fit fin as they don’t have the lumps pressed in the base and no plastic block.
    If you have the old ones you will have to remove the plastic block and grind down the lump.
    The new crampons are flat to work with the new dual climbing bars from Voile.
    Spark re designed there crampon too for the new Voile climbing bars but not sure if they will suit the G3
    I can take photos if you need them.

    Good luck.

    Adam West

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    My crampons are the old voile model, but I was planning on doing almost exactly what you suggested, except I will be using a cut of wheel to just cut a section of the bead out instead of using a grinder. Thanks for the help.

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