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    Haven’t been to Virginia Lakes area in a couple years. Thinking about hitting it on Saturday – 4/26. That’s the Eastern Sierra trout fishing opener, so the road should be plowed.

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    I’ll be up that weekend…if I can break away from the family I’ll meet up.
    I should most likely be able to do it.
    I’ll PM you as the weekend gets closer.

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    Cool. My GF and her son may be there too, but they will be hanging out in the flats – sledding, picnicking, hanging with the fishermen, etc.

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    Thanks for the update Nogs!

    Calendar = updated.

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    Puff Nattie and I are going to beat you to the goods. We’ll be on the eastside Fri-Mon. Probably drive out VL road on Friday and hope to get close to the end of the road.

    If anyone wants to meet up to ride between Virginia and Bishop call my cell. If you don’t have it get it from someone who has it as we’re leaving tonight. Not sure what we’ll be riding, but probably more on the side of big open descents, or areas with options of chutes and bowls.

    Wood, Warren, maybe Bloody, and closer options from ends of roads down by Bishop.

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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    Puff Nattie and I are going to beat you to the goods. We’ll be on the eastside Fri-Mon. Probably drive out VL road on Friday and hope to get close to the end of the road.

    Dunno if the situation has changed, but on Sunday the VL road was still closed very close to 395. It looked pretty clear past the gate though, so maybe it’s open by now?

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    Road closed…bah! If someone can update me b4 then I’ll bring my sled to tow us in.

    This could turn out pretty fun…let’s get some mas personas.
    Looking forward to making second turns of the year and seeing everyone.

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    Anyone still going to be around VL area on Sunday the 27th? I should be rolling back from Langley in the AM and might stop in if some splitters are gonna be ripn it up.

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    @mtnrider wrote:

    Road closed…bah! If someone can update me b4 then I’ll bring my sled to tow us in.

    It will be open for the fishermen on 4/26.

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    Road is open as of Noon today. I went up Southeast gully of Dunderberg Peak in the afternoon and it was mostly frozen and windy. As with a lot of the Sierra the coverage is sparse. Have to watch for rocks beneath the snow on the way down.

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    How sparse? Would a couple of groups find good terrain to ride that weekend if the weather cooperates? Or would it be a burn to go out there?

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    The main south gullies on Dunderberg are often burnt and/or thin and/or peppered with rockfall by the end of April, so Scruffy’s report doesn’t surprise me. But I am sure that all the north and east facing stuff off Black Mountain and South Peak is in good shape, though I have no firsthand knowledge.

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    I did not ride the north faces for the wind was blowing and I was sure those would be rock hard ice. As it was the south face on Dunderburg was not that great either. Coverage was better on the north faces but not what I though it would be given what I have seen in the guide books.

    Here is a link to the photos I took. Too lazy to link them all in.

    Virginia and Twin Lakes Photos

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    Thanks Scruffy.

    Black Mountain in the front. Conness area way in the back (looking good).

    South Peak in the front with Gilcrest Peak and Mount Scowden behind it

    It definitely looks more like mid May, huh?

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    Matt did you see LUNDY in that pic??? You should go there!! 🙂

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    Lundy kept us out of the wind last night. 😀

    We were hoping to ride SE Dunderberg this morning (road is open), but it was windy and getting much worse at 8am so we left. Just too windy and knew it wasn’t going to soften up.

    I can post more coverage pics of VL area for you guys. Still continuous on SE Dunderberg and the south chute still goes. North side looked bad up top but probably good coverage below for sleds. South, Black and Red didn’t look that good with textured winter-like looking snow, pepper and patches.

    Like scruffy said, low coverage all around.

    Kind of the story of the weekend. WINDY!!

    Only rode Friday and Saturday as the winds just wreaked havoc. Went up towards Warren on Friday and a nice tour out of Rock Creek above Ruby Lake on Saturday.

    Scoped out the road to South Lake and Sabrina, McGee Creek, and dirt road below Tioga Pass. The deeper protected areas that don’t get so wind swept appear to hold better snow.

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    Great beta pics Matt!

    Wish I could join you guys on Sat but I’ll be in the city for the wife’s b-day.

    Might try to get down on Thurs or Fri. Will you be down there PJ?

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    Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but it looks like snow from Tahoe Northward tonight, first significant dump in over a month. Lassen, anyone? I’m thinking Thurs., but flexible.

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    mtnman, i too was heavily considering lassen.

    check your pm’s

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    Yeah Matt really nice picts. What kind of camera are you using. 😉
    You have a really good eye.

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