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    Just seen a good deal on a zephyr 164 x 26. Really quite fancy it, but given the choice, I’d probably go a bit shorter.

    I’ve got a mojo 66 with plenty of life in it, it’s good fun in good snow (like almost anything!) but I do find it’s a bit of handful if conditions require more input – steep turns need to be jumped round more than I’d like, slower speed stuff is a bit of a ball ache.

    I’m 5’11”, 155lbs tend to prefer longer boards anyway, but coming to realise that I want longer boards which aren’t built for guys bigger and heavier than me.

    I’ve heard the zephyr is pretty stiff, but I’m guessing the 164 zephyr will be easier to handle than the 66 Mojo due to the rocker profile.

    Anyone ridden both? Any thoughts?


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    Maybe PM jcmarechal. He actually switched from a mojo 61 to a Zephyr 63, and I’m pretty sure he is stoked on his Zephyr. I think he believes its more maneuverable then the Mojo was, and his was longer.

    I ride a Zephyr and I think its awesome. Everything you explained below I think it excels in. I haven’t felt any downfalls of the Zephyr, although on resort, I wouldn’t think it would be my favorite board ever (it just charges, not as playful or super responsive due to the sidecut), but in the backcountry, I think its perfect. It will be heavier then the mojo probably, but its a solid board that is built solid.

    No experience on a Voile.

    christoph benells
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    i ride the zephyr in those same dimesnsions, its sick i ride it as a resort board too its that good. i hit the halfpipe on it yesterday and was boosting…

    fits together real good
    is heavy though

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    I feel that I have to stay on my game with the zephyr. I think some others will agree. I have to horse it pretty hard in crappy snow in the vermont forests and it is heavy. Will be hitting the bike a lot harder this summer! Also it really isn’t a rocker board. It’s very flat with early rise in the tips. Skinning is great, it loves linking long turns, and it will give whatever you ask of it. :thumpsup:

    Also customer service is awesome. Maybe this is my newbieness showing that I didnt know this, but they suggested detuning the tip and tail to save the top sheet in skin mode. That’s just genius!

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    Ned, Do you like tasty beers, or PBR? Kind bud, or shwaaag? A Yugo, or a BMW?

    It’s pretty hard to compare a Voile to a Zephyr. The Zephyr is an oustanding mode… hands down.

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    funny you should ask ST, I’ve just put these two in the fridge. Bit of an east of England theme today.

    I know the zephyr is a better put-together board, that was clear as day as soon as I saw it. I’m just trying to work out whether it’s the right size and flex for me and how the ride compares.

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    I just went from a Mojo RX 61 to a Zephyr 63.

    The Mojo is much easier to ride, a much more forgiving board. If I had to use only one board, I’d choose the Mojo RX.

    The Zephyr is great at speed, for big lines and big turns. Not so quick edge to edge. Takes a lot of effort to ride. But it chews up anything in its way, and won’t ‘chatter out’ on you like the Mojo in choppy terrain.

    I’m still planning to use my RX on tight terrain, trees, etc. The Zephyr I feel will be better for big lines, volcanoes, open steeps, etc.

    If you’re getting a Zephyr, plan on taking a while to get used to it. Just my 2cents.

    Also, I absolutely do not agree that comparing a Venture to a Voile is akin to comparing microbrew beer to pbr. Voiles are good boards, handmade in the USA. They also happened to be designed for more entry level splitters, with more mellow flex patterns and more rockered nose. The Venture line seems designed for expert riders who don’t mind muscling their board around a bit.

    Hope this helps…

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    Sorry for bogarting the thread with zephyr mania as I’ve never ridden a voile. But I’m really digging the zephyr feed back. In my last post I think I unfairly pinned a bad ride on the zephyr when it was more or less just bad conditions. Riding low angle trees in a two inch crust sucks regardless. Probably a bit easier on a solid just because it is lighter.
    This weekend I got up a steep narrow gully with some dust on crust. I was reluctant to hit that first jump turn because I just wasn’t that confident in the board. Eventually I swung the nose and kissed my ass good bye but the zephyr grabbed and I had the best ride of the season. :headbang:

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    Thanks Jefe,

    Interesting feedback, but I don’t know quite how to use it! From what I gather, the rx flex has mellowed out a bit from the non rockered version, and the rocker will make any length of board easier to manage than a trad. cambered version of the same length. Plus you’re going from a shorter Mojo to a longer Zephyr. So I really don’t know how to interpret your comparisons! Unless there’s any context out there that compares your boards to the older voiles?

    And 802, you and jefe have raised an interesting question. These boards cost a lot, and the opinions of those who’ve bought them are always going to be coloured by their thought process that went into the purchase. If someone buys a Voile, they’re probably interested in price, weight, a tool to do the job. If they’re interested in craftsmanship, durability and a certain ride quality, they might go for a Venture. Everything’s interconnected in terms of priorities, but once you’ve made your choice and you’re out in the b/c and enjoying the fruits of your labours (both the labours to get the money to buy the equipment and the labours to get up in to the mountains) you’re going to be welcoming positive feedback that supports your decisions, and probably sidelining negative feedback that might mean you made the wrong choice.

    I bought voile for price and the rave reviews at the time (not in a place to demo) enjoyed it, knew it was on the stiff side but justified by thinking that I’m a hard chargin’ dude who needs that sort of stick. I still think I am a bit, but it’s still a bit of a handful. Didn’t consider anything else til I saw a good deal on a Zephyr. Now the priorities I’m prepared to recognise are shifting to accommodate a new shiny thing.

    Harsh, but true to a certain point, but it’s also true that I would probably enjoy the Venture more. Pfff…

    Load of introspective stuff, but stuff that we should probably be aware of if we’re involved in expensive, gear-and-marketing-centric “lifestyle choices”!

    Oh! Any further comparisons still very welcome! Ignore all of that ^ if you like!

    P.S. These are ramblings of someone who’s had maybe a bit too much ale for a Monday night!

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    I’m totally trying to justify my purchase. I bought the zephyr based on a sale price, solid craftsmanship, and it being rocker profile. I couldn’t find much info otherwise. I had a feeling it was going to ride trees hard. In my opinion it does. At first I was bummed. But on other days this board re amps me all up again. I know I have to get more aggressive on it. That’s ok, gives me something to work for.

    christoph benells
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    quit being poonies (friendly joking) and go shred! point it and rip!

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    Shut up and ride! Thanks man I needed that!

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    well, I dun it.

    Turns out the right board half is 88g heavier than the left. 4% variance, which seems pretty high, when everything else is absolutely bang on. I’ll have to weight my pockets accordingly.

    But bloody hell, it’s tight! Needs a bang on the ground/a boot to get the halves apart. Impressive.

    Can’t wait to get on it. Just waiting on the knee now…

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