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    I think I’m going to buy a Venture, have either Monk split it, or Klem. Depending on cost.

    These are not the the reversed camber action…

    Peeps who are riding these.. hollar out.

    I’m leaning towards the storm just due to the tapering.

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    I think the Divide essentially IS the Storm only split.
    Seems like it would make more sense to just pick up the Divide. I think after buying the solid board + labor to split + hardware you’d probably be pretty close in price to a new Divide.
    I think I’ve heard rumors that Venture will be offering all their models as splits next season…

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    these are older models…. and, I think I’m going to avoid the reverse camber action. After all… I’ve been able to bomb, drop, and poop my pants on scary crap for years. So, why go w/ a banana when I allready have on in my pants :bananas:

    Sounds like a sausage party to me.

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    A Divide IS basically a heavy Storm. Same exact geo. and they ride almost the same. The only difference I’ve noticed (I own both) has been the extra weight on the Divide.

    You’ll be happy with either a Zephyr or a Storm / Divide. Next season I’m going with a Zephyr for the simple reason that I tend to ride much more aggressively on a more centered stance, plus I’m going with a shorter rockered setup to cut down on the weight factor.


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    I have a 157 Zephyr that I picked up this year. I bought it to have a board to ride all over the resort, slack country, and some snowmobile assisted backcountry. Stance is setup setback but not nearly as much as my Malolo or Kyber. The Zephyr really floats the UT pow with it’s spoon nose and wider than normal waist. I have a 10.5 boot so getting edge to edge on the crust is no problem. The extra width means similar surface area to my 162 but it spins much easier/faster since the mass is more centralized. I can ride the Zephyr all over the groomers, drop chutes and cliffs, even build kicker and stick my backflips and feel like the board is its element the whole time. In the Park, the jumps and pipe feel good, rails are a little wack but manageable on a basic level. Overall, I couldn’t ask for much more out of an “all mountain” style board. I’d think it would make a great splitty for the right kind of rider.

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    Well after all the hub bub, It almost makes more sense to go w/ a Prior. It’s better to just get the full meal deal skins, kit, etc.. all ready rock. I agree w/ Bones that you ride more aggressive w/o the tapered action.

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