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    Hi all
    Is it realistic to expect that the same pair of hardboots could be used for both skiing and splitboarding? Are the mods for riding basically mandatory and therefore I would need to own two pairs of hardboots if I wish to mix it up? I ride a softboot setup now – but am inclined to go hard boot setup, but meanwhile I am also wanting to ski more nowadays so was seeing if anyone else is having success with multi-purposing their boots.


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    Modifying HB boots is a personal preference.

    A lot will depend on what boot you choose to ski/ride with.

    I ride stock Scarpa F1’s and the only “mod” I have done is to add an “Eliminator Custom Tongue” shim which has solved some boot fitting issues for me and also has soften forward-lean for me.

    So try to carpet test a pair of Eliminator Custom Tongues a your local ski shop. I purchased mine at Pomeroy Sports in Aspen, Colorado.

    The F1 boot is designed for AT / Rando-Racing so it will only will work well with my Völkl Snow Wolf AT Skis (113/76/100). But these boots will not drive today’s fat AT Ski.

    I say continue trying the “varations” without the modifications to you new boots; since your trying to use your new TLT-5 boots for both AT skiing and Splitboarding.

    I ride Bomber Sidewinder Bindings and these bindings flex lateral. I have not tried the Phantoms yet. But I ride stock Burton Race Plates on my solid board.

    Bottom-line is try before you buy or modify your boots.

    Canting the plate bindings can be accomplished through modifying a SNOWPRO Race Bindings to a Voile Plate binding, or use the Bomber Sidewinder Split-board binding Although heavy, I would recommend the Sidewinder bindings.

    Barrows posted “Dynafit TLT 5 Mountain, WOW!” viewtopic.php?f=10&t=10958&st=0&sk=t&sd=a. This thread has a lot to say about the TLT 5 boots and modifications.

    Modifying boots is a personal preference; there is a lot of good advice for doing so. But for me, I am satisfied with the stock F1s.

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    Used a pair of dynafit one boots for the season in Whitewater BC.
    Phantoms/dynafit for the boards and dynafit for the skis.
    NO Mods to the boots except for fitting.
    Jut had them tight for skiing and looser for boarding. I like stiffer boots for boarding.
    Unlocked back foot when in powder did the job.
    As previously said in other threads many mods can be made but i did not feel the need.
    Maybe the more i ride HB the more i will want to mod them as it was the first season for me in them.
    And what a treat it was with touring, climbing and riding.
    No going back for me..

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    007: It can be done as you suggest, but riding performance will be compromised to some extent. I rode the TLT5 Mountain (softer model, pebax cuff) one day in stock condition before starting the modding process. It certainly “worked” but it did not work as well as a well dialed soft boot set up. With mods, my TLT5s now equal or even outperform a soft boot set up.
    So, it just depends on how much compromise in performance you are willing to accept.

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    What bindings are you going to use? Phantoms or DIY Burton/CC bails on a Voile plate?
    I have been riding TLT5s on the DIY voile thing this season and didn’t find any reason to mod them. The binding itself provided enough flex.
    Before this I had been riding Forum Destroyers with Drake DTM’s, which is much more on the flexible side, both in the binding and boot and 32 Lashed before the forums, so I was used to a flexible setup, but didn’t have problems with the stock TLSs and the Voile plate + CC bails.

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    Thanks guys. All guidance is appreciated. This stuff is $$ especially after already investing in last year in a soft boot split setup so want to at least have expectations right.
    For those using un-modded AT boots, do you tend to leave the walk/tour mode on while riding and touring?
    How important is canting ability on the bindings?

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