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    I climbed on Shasta this past weekend and made it too Helen Lake skinning up and using bindings crampons for the first time. it felt very stable. however, I don’t see it work on steeper terrain (i.e. – beyond helen lake, to the summit)

    What do people use to climb steeper terrain? I don’t think that “traditional” crampons work with the wider snowboard boots do they?!

    Thanks in advance

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    Hey bro, I’ve climbed Shasta many times and I use Black Diamond contact strap-on crampons with my Burton driver x’s. They have a wider opening at the toe and heel and my boots fit in perfect. You’ll have to use one of the longer setting to get the length, but they work. I’ll see if I can get a pic on. Tomorrow.

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    Fitwell or Hardboot!

    Adam West

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    ditto what adeptsol said…the bd crampons work great for me on shasta and there are a few other brands that will also work – if you are concerned about the fit, just bring your boots to the shop…

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