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    ahh, when you are sponsored to promote a companies products you are bound by contract to support whatever they brew up, be it an energy drink or whatever. He is not a splitboard purist by any means. I thought he was very diplomatic in his description of where they fall in the market in that they weren’t the most tech for climbing but they are more affordable (or they will be in a few months 😉 ) and will feel familiar to what the legions of basic resort riders are used to.

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    The Fourth Phase was a fantastic surf movie.

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    This is all very funny.

    When Mike at Mountain Weekly News comes dangerously close to actually saying that a product that he tested sucks, you know that Travis Rice is slinging turds.


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    When Mike at Mountain Weekly News comes dangerously close to actually saying that a product that he tested sucks, you know that Travis Rice is slinging turds.

    QFT. You are right on.

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    Last Friday I ran into two guys who were both riding the Union Expeditions. While the carbon pair appeared to have slightly less wobble in ride mode than the non carbon pair, they both had the same problem. The rider, who has been splitboarding for a number of years explained that he preferred the feel and flex of these over his previous splitboard specific bindings. At the end of the day he mentioned that he did not feel the movement while riding (It should be noted that it was a powder day.)

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    Who splits on a non-powder day?

    I have these bindings, and so far so good for me. Such an improvement in ride mode.

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    I am curious to see how durable the baseplate will be over time. If it’s durable, hopefully they will be able to move away from the pin setup.

    @permnation you’ll have to let us know what you think.

    Ever since thr introduction of t he pinless bindings, I will not get the hype around it. It is not that I do not like it, but the only thing that I really find time consuming and perhaps annoying during swap over is the removal and applying of the skins, the pins never bothered me at all.

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    So, a little update of the 2018/19: Tested for a week in the french alps (with direct comparison to a plum and Spark binding).

    The ride is extremely fine, just like you are used to from a Union binding for slopes. Also you do not have that movement anymore like in the youtube video above, its got a tiny noticable play but when you are riding, you dont even feel it. Mounted correctly, thats no dealbreaker. I got the advice to glue the screws in (like they did 20 years ago) to fix that issue but Union recommends on the package not to glue the screws in.

    They are also good on the way up! No problems there.

    BUT, here’s dealbreaker: Every switch you’re doing from ride->hike and vice versa, you’re fumbling around with it… I went with two other guys and everytime i was the last do be ready because something didnt work porperly. The pin did not go in there because the pucks have moved a little, so we had to unscrew the pucks on top of the mountain (!). You couldnt get the pin out easily. Best thing was a bleeding thumb when you pulled like an idiot and at one time it came out and you hit some part of the binding and cut yourself… Putting on the crampons takes forever compared to other systems because the handle to fix them doesn’t move easy, you need a lot of power or even something as a lever (walking pole, pin) and still then, you cannot turn that around 100%. Just a plain bad construction. Not just one guys opinion, also had the two experienced guys making fun of that construction

    Already got a Burton hitchhiker. Fumbling around is not worth the time, it really takes away the fun.

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