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    word! just thought id post some pics from the winter here, nothin too hectic just another season in the middle of nowhere…
    we def had some issues here in pow central, dec was mad dry, made a bit of a low tide base layer but we dont have the continental climate to really facet it up, chrismis dumped and bridged that issue, then there was only really one big break early feb which grew the hoarfrost, and altho we often get numerous significant surface hoar layers in a season here, this one layer sure did its best to represent with big and huge slides as it got buried over and deeper….

    we tuned into a new zone with steep alpine style chutes, but at treeline, good for low vis / fresh loading kinda days



    Shredder Rob, keepin a lo profile


    when the V was buried with a metre plus it really was chaffin our buzz here, the paths were runnin over and over from different starts and each run came harder faster loggin timber and kinda seemed like a bit of a gamble just to get up a valley each day….

    so we shredded the resort and the slacks besides




    oops sorry there was a solid deck in there, and yeh skiers, i cant apologise for skiers anymore, dirt bags n riff raff, ya get what you deserve sometimes…. but sh!z ya cant just become a resort rat just cuz the CAA issues special warnings every weekend (except for the biggest dump, for some reason) so we went back out and found the snow quality was all time. resickulous! best ever.

    Ryan Creary on the lens side of a camera

    i posted this screen shot from Bruno Long on the conditions page a while back, sorry for playin it out but i think its worth the re rinse

    Joey, powder puffin

    an pillow huckin

    Tina G

    an this ones for my bouy Rogers…. ‘not here for tha money!!!’

    Finally the weather broke into spring and we got some homies to hook us up with the digs in a secret spot in the Gold Range, Monashees…. its the mother of all snow there, and the mountains are steep n G/narly

    Joey n his machine

    G $ Hill, up Hughes


    Thor and Niflheim from Hughes

    we’d picked out a sweet lookin NE chute from right by the summit, super steep, G Hill shreddin it

    lookin back on the line at sunset

    the next day we cashed in on our views of Thor


    the summit ridge looked a bit involved so we put the ‘ski’ back into ski mountaineering

    then rallied one more up for the NE bowl to get out

    peas out! hi 5s!! pow to tha peeps!!!

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    wasatch surf
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    damn that is some awesome terrain. glad to see all the powder shots. after getting a week of good powder in BC and Wa. i’m not so bitter about having a shit winter in Utah.

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    Karkis kinda rules! or maybe it’s just British Columbia. probably a little bit of both.

    Nice photos anyways, and I hope you got your taxes figured out.

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    Epic! Thanks

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    Thanks Mark, it is always great to see some action from up in the Canukistan interior.
    I hope to be spending some time up there next year, as their appears to be plenty o pow to share.

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    karkis – the man never lets us down

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    bam :headbang:

    spruce cabin
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    And once again that mountain rippin’ Canuck bastard Karkis… keeps the stoke meter stuck on “holy fokkeeeeen awesomeness I have to change my pants, now”

    those pics scream Dave Lombardo double bass “Angel of Death” blast beats :thatrocks:

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    Damn that’s awesome! It’s ok about the dirty skiers… :clap:

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    hey i dont mean to bring up old news….
    joey made a video of our gold range daze
    nice one Joey!
    and jus fer fun heres a couple shots CJ jus flowd me from my last resort session of the season… yeh resort assisted slackcountry bootpackin…
    at least we didnt use approach skis, so suck it up!

    ps splittrippin i thought my shit was more bob marley, not so much slayer, i’ll try adjusting the white balance?!

    never summer snowboards
    phantom splitboard bindings
    dynafit touring
    atomic boots

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    Sweeet! Nice Video and great work on the editing. I actually like the no music. Just get the sound of the moment.

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    @keffler wrote:

    I actually like the no music. Just get the sound of the moment.

    And it was quality sound, not that annoying sound GoPro cams capture.
    Really good footage and editing. I love how much uphill you put into it. It tells the story.

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    Yeah sick Vid with no music,just the sound of the boys muling their way up,awsome

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    Trippin on life? Fuq it, you guys are wasted.

    Did Chancey forget to switch back to snowboard mode at the top, on every run?!

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    “Did Chancey forget to switch back to snowboard mode at the top, on every run?!”


    Seeing this, and the vid from the Rogers Splitfest of G$ snowboarding down, it appears that two planks or one makes no difference to our canukistani neighbors.

    Thanks Mark for the additional stoke, and Joey’s vid. I had found the vid at the G3 site, but nice to see it linked here.
    We just received a little snow here up high, and I am hoping to hit a nice N facing line in pow on Saturday… fingers crossed…

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