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    My Fiance and I are going on a hut trip down in the Southern hemisphere for our honeymoon this summer. Never traveled with the board, skis, and gear on a plane before. Any tips from people who have done this.

    Any brand recs on bags that work well? How to pack stuff as to not get a compressed edge? Put split and skis in same bag? Tips with the airlines to make it all go smooth. Any info from the experienced would be great. Thanks

    Side note: As a frequent lurker I have to say that this site keeps me stoked. Its got the vibe of an old school skate session, whether someones dropping in for the first time, or ripping a lay back grind across the coping, everyone seems to boost everyone elses stoke. cheers to that.

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    Welcome WM!

    Sounds like a great trip, congrats too!

    I’ve done a good amount of airline traveling with snowboards and I think your best bet would be to invest in a couple of “wheelie” snowboard bags from makers like Burton or Da Kine. They both offer similar models that are padded and provide enough room for a couple boards and your boots. You should also be able to put your poles, ice axe, and shovel in there as well. I would also duct tape a towel or piece of cardboard around the tip and tail for added protection. The middle of the board should be fine.

    If you’re only taking two boards you could either get a single bag and pack it full or each get your own. If you pack it too full it might see more abuse but if you only have one bag for the snowboard it could me less bags to lug around.

    Hope that helps! Have fun and don’t forget the TR. 8)

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    About $150-$200, but I have zero fear of my board getting damaged. It’s not quite wide enough for an ice-axe, I think, but it’ll fit 4-5 board w/o bindings on them. I’ve gotten my boots, two boards, my tele skis, and my backpack and stuff in there, so it’s pretty good space.

    Hope this helps,

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    I echo bcrider’s recommendation on getting a dakine or burton roller bag. I traveled with a group when I lived in Europe and we went by air a fair bit. I always packed my dakine high roller with two to four board, two sets of boots and bindings. On trips that I was only bringing two boards (never travel with just one) I would augment the padding by putting the boards in separate or together in a padded board sleeve bag. I also reinforced the entire perimeter of the bag on the inside with corrugated cardboard that I cut from bicycle shipping boxes. This would help with abrupt knocks to the tip, tail and sidewalls. If you are only travelling with one such bag then on person can manhandle it, it will be quite heavy if you pack your outerwear and layers around the boots boards and bindings, but the other person can handle the door opening, smaller bag and important travelling documents and such.

    Travel on waltzingmatilda, travel on.

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    Another vote for the recommended wheelie set up that bcrider and Mumbles mentioned.

    Having flown with boards and bikes over the years, here’s one warning – know the max luggage weight your airline will allow. It sucks to be at the counter pulling gear and hoping you have room for it in another bag.

    Have fun down south.

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    if you’re hanging around waiting for your next flight, bus, train, a soft wheelie bag is great for catching a bit of shuteye if you pack it with this in mind – soft stuff on top! Means you’ll probably notice if someone tries to nick it while you’re asleep too.

    I’d echo the weight checking too. Get a set of scales if you don’t have some already and check when you’ve packed. I got to an airport once with my enormous Flow wheelie fully packed. Turns out it was 40kg and max weight for one bag was 32kg. I had to buy another bag at the airport to carry the other 8kg and pay about $70 in excess weight charges.


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    defineatiley check the weight limit that your airline has as their max, I have paid some hefty wieght surcharges myself. Many people recomend the wheelie board bags, I had bad luck with a regular wheelie bag in Europe trying to get up and down stairs and around on cobble stone streets. Since that point i have elected to never bring anything I could not easily carry. I found that the wheel systems add more weight and are more cubersome than a plain board bad. I would rock a 5500 cu in, pack to carry most of my stuff and a board bag, I generally brinf two boards and have trouble fitting other gear into my board bags. that just my 2 cents, I would consider the method of travel, are you landing in an airport then getting into a taxi and out at the hotel if so go with the wheelie. If there is a chance you are going to be carrrying it across town and up and down stairs, make sure it is manageable enough to be mobile. Just remeber when you are a tourist you are very vunreble to others, who may want to hassle you for a dollar or out right steal your wallet.

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    Thrillhead crew arriving in Ushuaia, Argentina. It was a struggle just to take two cars, they’re little over there.

    Schralptowner wit some Austrian cutties in Buenos Aires

    Words of wisdom: Travel light, wheelie bags are good, put a lock on it, expect the airlines peoples to thrash your bags and tip your skycaps.

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    @FLOWTORCH wrote:

    put a lock on it,

    Unfortunately, after 9/11 you can’t lock luggage (at least in and out of the US.) They’ll cut the lock.

    Makes a lot of sense once you are in country though.

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    If you are slick, you can lay your bags on the scale hanging over onto the solid part of the counter, making you’re bags appear quite a bit lighter. It has worked for me more than once. I would get at least some sort of wheelie bag, and then you can strap all your other bags on top and wheel all of them, maybe with a pack on your back. Don’t forget to put the shovel with sawblade in the handle in with checked baggage – not that I myself have tried to take that in my carry-on.

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone. The lady and I will definitely pad out the boards with something, check weight and look into the Dakine and Burton wheelie bags.

    I know I’m gonna be sketched letting all that gear dissapear behind the plastic conveyer curtain hoping to see it on the flipside. 😕

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    Another plug for my bag suggestion. It ALSO has wheels. 🙂


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    You can still lock your bags, a few of us did, this was in 06. You can find small luggage locks at REI that are approved by the Gov’t. They have keys that fit them, they’ll just unlock it and take a look.

    Easy way to keep shady luggage handlers outta yer shit.

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    I am very stoked for you! My wife and I went to Chile for our “Luna de Miel”, best trip of my life, for many reasons. Not sure where your headed but if you get the opportunity check out the Termas de Chillan area for snowtime and check out the Pichilemu area for surftime. You will be very 😀

    on the packing:
    Weigh before you go
    one board bag w/wheels, one backpack(+put your daypack in your board bag)
    lock it up with zip ties(if they need to get in they can and you’ll know when someone has been in. put some nail clipers in your girls bag!)
    Take an extra stick if it’s reasonable for you. I got a huge core shot on their volcanic rock, 12″ through glass/wood etc. We also sold some of our gear to lighten up before we hit the coast.

    on another note if your having too much fun you may forget to take pictures, sadly, we have very few.


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    you might want to investigate airline packing requirements…Air Canada has a policy of one board/pair of ski’s per Boardbag, and if there are more in the bag, they’re not responsible for the second one should the bag get lost.
    Of course official policy seems to change depending on who’s doing the talking…ymmv


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    @Shep wrote:

    Another plug for my bag suggestion. It ALSO has wheels. 🙂


    Your bag looks bomber for sure…..but does it double as a changing/sleeping pad. 🙂

    ps. great suggestions on the zipper locks or zip ties. I forgot about that tip.

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    Looks like it could almost double as a bivy! No, I can’t compete with that. 😉


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    just flew this last summer to South Am, peru, chile and argentina
    1 split, 1 solid both w/bindings, all avi gear, boots, 2 jackets, pants, clothes, all accessories and 2 bottles of jack, in a dakine high roller wheelie. the jack lived as did 4 bottles of chiles finest red on the way back. Tried to only put the one side on scale but they got me for $25..
    the bag looked the same when I got home only dirty.

    some of the small stuff down south, Chile/Argentina border crossing 😀

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    Zip ties, check. I usually ride into June, but who woulda thought I’d be looking forward to July for some riding. Thanks again all.

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