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    Photos and story: Wyomingsplit_ride
    RandoPlayers: Steve Romeo, Ken Doerr
    SplitPlayers: Nomad, Wyomingsplit_ride

    This is a tale of two splitboarders and two randonnee skiers who set out to ski some new lines in the crags of distant Wyoming. Different schools of sliding down the mountain would join together on a mission. Could it be done? After a few Internet transmissions were sent through the techno waves, the time and destination was set: some place far, far away in the Ramshorn Mountains. Let the journey begin.

    From the badlands rises the mountain. View of Ramshorn Mountains and our destination.

    The main road to these mountains is blocked by private property. This is our neighbor’s sign and road to our ranch. Think avalanches are your biggest concern…think again. Coffin Butte in the background (our original destination, but changed plans)

    Ramshorn Peak on the right and Six Mile Cirque on the left (our destination)

    We stayed at my ranch, which makes for a cozy first night base camp.

    The next day we left the luxuries of civilization and headed into Six Mile Cirque. It took us about four hours of skinning to set up our camp in the cirque, then we set off to ski Craig’s Bowl after climbing about 3000 feet. Steve and Ken skied part of a couloir and then skied the bowl. Nomad and I rode Craig’s Bowl.
    Red=up Green=down

    Romeo and Ken climbing up Craig’s Bowl.

    View of Ramshorn Peak and couloir…this would be our last day’s objective if the weather and snow were good.

    Ken and Romeo getting ready to drop couloir, but ended up hiking out of it due to not really knowing what was at the bottom. Does it go?

    Romeo drops Halfway couloir:

    Ken’s turn:

    Nomad drops into Craig’s Bowl

    View from our camp looking at Craig’s Bowl and Halfway Couloir:

    Nomad relaxing after a pretty big day and smiles at his lines!

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    DAY 2-The next day would bring some more nice lines. Route of the Big Rib that we start our day off with.

    Steve and Nomad enjoying the spring heat on the skin to the rib:

    Here is our passage back to the back cirque and the Big Rib:

    Break time before hitting the rib…if you look close you can see our camp at the mouth of the cirque:

    Romeo and the Tetons-getting ready to drop yet another line:

    A ridiculous amount of lines as far as the eye can see:

    Romeo and Nomad getting ready to drop the Big Rib:

    Romeo points ‘em. True Wyoming stylieeeee:

    Ken after dropping the rib:

    Nomad halfway down the rib:

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    After we dropped the Big Rib, we headed back up to the ridge and dropped the Martini Couloir (route in green)

    Looking down the Martini Couloir:

    After dropping these lines, we headed back to camp to rest up a bit. Romeo and Nomad had an itch to get one more line in. Here is the description of their route…the Goatmeal Couloir with the Romeo traverse…Nomad dropped to the bottom, but had to slog all the way back up to camp.

    Looking up the Goatmeal Couloir:

    A nice end to a good day. Looking at camp and the apron of Goatmeal Couloir:

    A spring skiing trip would not be complete without a bonfire…excellent way to end the day…except for the sparks and smoke harshin’ on Romeo’s bed.

    Romeo calls it Booty Time!

    The Ramshorn Couloir did not go down on this trip due to weather, snow, and a long slog back to the ranch. A few new lines went down, the company was good, and it was nice to spend a few days away from the civilized world. Way to get after it boys!

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    talk about a playground!

    sickness! 8)

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    I wanna own a ranch in Wyoming. 😀 Great picts and amazing lines. Have you been riding those lines your whole life?

    So what’s it like riding with a member of the US Rando team? Probably a bit exhausting.

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    Another nice trip to “the backyard”. Who’s that Nomad dude? I see him everywhere

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    Eco-I have been going up to these part of the mountains since I was eight. My dad took me on my first big mountain experience then. I have been hooked since!

    It was fun travelling with Steve. He gets after it, but toned it down a bit thank goodness. He throws in a good boot pack too. It is always interesting to see what people want to ski when they get back there. Fun trip for sure and some fun lines and funny moments.

    P420-Nomad is….well…a nomad…LOL. Fun riding with him for sure. Glad he was along or I probably would have skied this trip.

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    I probably would have skied this trip

    Yeah, I had to put an end to that skiing business.

    P420 – who knows, maybe I’ll show up on your doorstep!

    Thanks a ton to wsr for the digs, the tour, the people and the good time. Nice and chilled out with a good dose of fun riding. Your place rocks!

    Most of my photos are very repetitive, but here are a few.

    Badass sheep

    Wsr in Craig’s

    Wsr busts the slasher upon my insistence

    Wsr exiting Craig’s

    Wsr on the big rib

    Checking out more of the “backyard”

    Dropping the martini

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    Come on out Nomad, your always welcome. Looking like Mt tom will be good for a while and ….Shasta in July?

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    Glad it all worked out (close to as planned). I guess as planned generally means having a good time, getting good lines… I’d say you guys caught that ferry.

    Maybe I’ll see you in the Winds sometime…

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