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    OHHHHH YAHHHHH…snow has finally arrived and we are starting to make our first turns of the season. Feels so damn good. Still a bit rocky, but definitely worth getting out and getting some. I hope you all enjoy a few photos from Togwotee Pass this last weekend. Hopefully, a tour in the Tetons is in order this weekend. Sorry…no splittin’ but just snow and ski stoke.

    Skinnin’ again:

    Getting ready to drop B Couloir to Horseshoe Couloir:

    Climbing back out of the stash:

    Game on…now go get some!

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    Siccck. I gotta make it up to wy this winter.

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    Howdy J, Nice pics!

    How much snow is up there?


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    A wonderful glimpse into the wide world of Wyoming. Great lines and great photos. Keep ’em comin’.


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    Nice! :headbang:

    I really like how the entrance is hidden by the little subridge in this picture:

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    Not too bad for a season opening!

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    Great pis Wyo and congrats on first turns! :thatrocks:

    The stair steppers in this pic are sick.

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    Looks great! i might have just been motivated to make a trip down there soon! :headbang:

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    Damn I forgot how tasty that area is. Cant wait till Feb 20th :headbang:

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    keep up the work Jer!! Good Start i must say!


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