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    I managed to squeeze in a few turns up at the summit back in October but it wasn’t until last week that Steamboat got enough snow to actually make it worth hiking up to snowboard.

    These first pictures are from early on in the storm cycle. The snow was thin enough that bootpacking was pretty easy, so I left my splitboard at home.

    At some point during the day the fog lifted enough to get some shots.

    A few days later the snowpack was getting deeper so I used my splitboard.

    dam skier and I tried our luck up in the chutes.

    dam skier, late for a business meeting.

    The following day was the first sunny day in a long time.

    Flatboat at its finest.

    Doggie stoke.

    We managed to find an aspect that wasn’t completely ruined by wind.

    And finally made our way down the lower slopes.

    Sorry the pictures are so large, next time I’ll crop ’em down more.

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    I like this shot. The plunk plunk plunk of the dog in the snow. Powder dots!

    just a thought…your girl looks like she should put more angle on her front foot.

    bones get broke
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    Some great photos in there, thanks for the stoke.

    x2 on your girls front foot angle, and get her some collapsible poles before she takes a digger and get impaled. That would the suck. :thumpsup:

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    Sorry, not my girl. Y-von is a north island kiwi, my girl is a south islander. I just ride with her a lot because she is the ballziest snowboarder around, and the only person in Steamboat who is dumb enough to hike the mountain with me when its all mud below 8,500′.
    Thanks for the pointers BGB, I’m not sure whats up with her stance on the splitboard. I’ll take a better look next time I get the chance.
    Y-von did have collapsible poles but she wanted to be cool like me and carry them down the mountain. I think we were both more worried about getting impaled by random punji sticking out of the ground this time of year.

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    …. and I thought Colorado almost does not have any snow yet.
    Looks pretty damn good for a start I think.

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