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    This was definitely the best Solstice celebration I’ve had. Our plans were to climb the North Ridge of Mt Baker and shred the Coleman Headwall. The beta we got from a guy named Dan told us that the CHW was a mere 20 degrees. For some peculiar reason I think he’s fucking with us. I don’t trust this guy… Davide, Drew and I parked about a half mile from the Heliotrope trailhead Monday night and started skinning up the avalanche debris at about 9pm. We got to our cosy, warm camp after 10pm with a perfect view of Headwall in the alpenglow. My nerves kept me from getting any sleep and I probably only slept about 45 minutes the entire night. Pictures courtesy of Davide De Masi.

    Coleman Headwall

    After a restless night we start skinning towards the N Ridge at about 6am.

    Climbing up the Roosevelt glacier to the ice “step”.

    We simul-climbed about 3 pitches of ice/mank. We went around the steeper part to the right and continued up the ridge passing some alpinists.

    We had an epic, fashionable picnic under a giant serac. Little did Drew know the parasol would save his life on the Headwall later.

    Me on the summit, where we found friends, Russman and Adam!

    Me on the icy roll-over at the very top. So flipping sketch, I almost got my crampons out and climbed out to meet some friends who were riding down the Coleman-Deming. After some pranayama breathing and after Davide gave me his second tool I reconsidered.

    Me looking down after the first bergschrund and into the shreadable zone. Stoked!

    Crossing the last bergschrund

    Adam Roberts killing it.

    Skinning out back to camp under parasol.

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    Nice TR! Looks like a sick line on Baker.

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    So sickity! Thanks for sharing Liz! :headbang:

    Kyle Miller
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    Awesome work guys way to take advantage of the day.

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    Right on LizDee!! Excellent and amazing photos! And BIGTIME congrats on traveling two major routes in one day! I dreamed of a North Ridge climb with Coleman Headwall descent a few years ago, and you just killed it! That’s a fantastic accomplishment :rock:

    I definitely was feeling concerned about that ice at the top. Super glad it all worked out well for you guys and that everybody got down safe and sound.

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    Dam liz you’r getting after it harder than most of the boys! inspirational foresure. Awesome pics too! might have to find me an umbrella for spring.

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    Nice style kids!!

    Glad to see you back at it Liz.

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    liz you are a welcome demographic around these parts and much thanks for the killer PNW stoke, you do set the bar high. :mrgreen: :thumpsup:

    christoph benells
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    gnarly things!

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    @lizdee wrote:

    mad respect.

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    gnar gnar

    looks like you even got cheated out of a degree or two of tilt in that last photo!

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    Mad respect as well.
    Love a TR like this that inpires you to push harder an higher

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    Way to go! Epic line! I used to ride with drew and Dave here in Utah before they moved to the NW, great dudes!

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