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    Anyone have any thoughts or beta on saddlebag lake area? Conness? North peak?? Thanks

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    Was back by Saddlebag Lake this past weekend. Not a suncup in sight (although there are few forming as we exited yesterday evening). Lake is still 90% covered with ice but it is not safe for foot travel IMO. Pretty good coverage. About 6-12″ of not-quite-consolidated snow from last weekend. Most of the steeper stuff slid as the sun baked it or from skier/rider triggering. Turns were creamy smooth from 10am on until after 3pm.

    The couloirs above the Conness Glacier did not look good. The Y had slid naturally and many rocks are showing. The ‘schrund is opening up on the main Conness Couloir. S Couloir is prolly doable but the the first choke is blocked by a rock. GPS Chute was good. GPS Bowl slid (rider-triggered), but it will prolly smooth out again in a week or two. Snow Finger, Flinty’s Bowl, and the Greenstone Bowl were outstanding conditions for June 1 – best turns in June I’ve ever had. Most of Greenstone Chutes slid or sluffed – lots of rocks showing too. Almost all of the south face of North Peak slid. No idea about the North Peak Chutes.

    Still snowcamping conditions out there – not much ground showing, but it is melting fast. Creeks are opening up everywhere. The road is pretty much clear all the way to the lake. All skinning after that. The suffer traverse around the lake is better than usual but still a PITA. Our group didn’t see a single person on Sunday until the cars. The only tracks in Flinty’s, Snow Finger, and the glacier were ours. Can you believe it?


    Awesome thanks! leaving tonight to get it on.

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    Went up the rgiht couloir of North Peak. We were really late though and did not go very far, snow was slushy, and boots kept sliding on the ice layer 15 inches down. Skied well though. There was a layer of faceted snow above the ice layer, so a snow pit showed moderateforce shear.

    really good coverage. In a few days it should be primo.

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    thread should go in conditions forum, but who really cares cause I dig your forum name. Redemption will be when you post photos here.

    You suck Matt. I’m jealous.

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    You’re not going to believe this, but my name is Rod, and I used to have a Porsche 930, hence rod930, but that name got taken somehow, and I ended up with rod9301. How lame is that?

    Thanks for letting me know of the conditions forum, I didn’t notice it.

    I will pos tsome pics, as soon as I find my camera. (someplace in the car)

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    Actually Rod, I was referring to splitpersonality.

    Your forum name is kind of boring and mine is just plain stupid. 😀

    But thanks for the update on North Peak.

    Matt still sucks. 😈

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    there’s no way rod930 is taken as a sn.

    show yourself rod930!!!

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    Some pics from back near Mt. Conness.

    Snow Finger with JBH (small dot in natural spotlight under rocks on left):

    JBH and KS climbing Snow Finger:

    KS coming down from Conness Glacier:

    KS doing ghey figure 8’s:

    DeeDee and Brodie with the S Couloir in background:

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    Here are a couple of pics from Saturday, May 31st.

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    😳 *jealous*

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    Wow, coverage in the North Peak chutes looks great. Even looks like you might be able to do the looker’s left one from the top still. But, it does look like the V-shaped runnel in the looker’s right chute is already well-formed, and that thing can be a bitch to make turns across once it turns to harder snow.

    KS, what was it PJ was saying… oh yeah, you suck! 🙂 And splitboarders are ghey according to the Dore Beast, so your tracks don’t surprise me.

    Conness glacier looks smooooth! You totally shoulda straightlined that looker’s right entrance to the S. 🙂

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    You guys better be careful out in that area, I hear the Dore Beast lurks just across the 20 lakes basin in the fabled land o’ Lundy!

    Nice shots of North Peak chutes…drool

    The Dore Beast
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    It is well that Rod and his companion turned around partway up that NP Chute. I watched them from my lofty lair and was about to unleash a bolt of Lundy Lightning and send all the new snow rushing down upon them. Krom must have been watching over them that final day of May. 👿

    The Dore Beast
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    Oh… ehem… I forgot…


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    Well, I’m going back this Saturday, so don’t you be throwing any bolts of lightning 😀 .


    coverage is still great, snow is smooth, lines are steep. yeehaw!!!

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    Nice. How is the runnel in the lookers right chute (is that what you rode)?

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    Jim, we didn’t make it to the top, because the snow was really slushy and theboots kept sliding on the hard layer underneath.
    I would say though that it looks disconcerting. You would have to make the turns only on the skier’s left side, without crossing the runnel.

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