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    Had issues having my binding and touring bracket screws loosen while touring on karakoram added threadlocker now being told that that was a terrible idea as it will wreck my board and brackets thoughs/what to do now?

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    I loctite almost everything. Never had an issue, I recommend it.

    But don’t use the “red” loctite only “blue” (red is heat release)

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    The red stuff could screw stuff up and takes chemicals or heat to remove. The blue stuff is only medium hold and shouldn’t hurt anything.

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    even the blue loctite can ruin binding plastics. it is nothing to do with how strong it holds, but it just chemically degrades the plastic. i put it on some parts of karakoram bindings, and 1 piece of plastic cracked. this is supposedly common with plastic parts and i read that other companies warn against it. instead of loctite, i saw a recommendation for white plumbing tape, and wrapped that around the screws before i placed them in the board–this has worked well.

    loctite is however recommended for the metal parts of the karakoram bindings–where you adjust the heelcap.

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    i used some teflon tape on my karakorams. it’s meant to make screws airtight but should also prevent them from undoing themselves and isn’t permanent. i’ve only been out 1 day since applying it but so far so good.

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    I use lock-tight often at work. We even use Red on small bolts that also have nylock nuts on them. The can be taken off without heat, although those are hex head bolts not screws. I must add I recently took my split in for a tune, and according to the tech at the shop I went to, the lock-tight I put in the insert created a buildup underneath the screw and pushed small dimples into my base. They were ground out, but these days I just apply the thread locker to the screw it self.

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    I have a similar issue w/ LT brackets – even though there is some blue loctite on the screws. My next step is to try the white plumbing tape – heard it works quite well


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    Teflon tape. Good idea, might have to give that a try.

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    Also check out Vibra-TITE, I’ve used this for awhile now after locktite degraded plastic on bindings. Haven’t had any issues since.

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