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    after a few lengthy day tours bracketed by headlamp skinning, we decided it was time to cut the nonsense and set up a camp. er, actually, i just complained about the approach and then went to work, while scott built and furnished the fine accommodations. when i heard that he was bringing a group up for an inaugural weekend, i quickly invited myself…

    only 4.5 miles from the road… no reason to pack light!

    home sweet home

    checking out the back yard at dusk.

    not exactly roughing it.

    dinner’s on in the kitchen.

    starting work on the “guest room”.

    phil approves!

    hey look, it snowed!

    hmmm… still snowing…

    what’s this?

    “he who digs the first snow cave shall get the first tracks”

    enjoying a steep run as the conditions slowly devolve from “awesome” to “kinda scary”.


    that was fun, now what’s for dinner?

    happiness is…

    the guest cave featured a side tunnel to a rushing stream… it’s pretty surreal to sleep under a rock under the snow while listening to the echo of water rushing by under you.

    looks like it snowed some more.

    this beats melting snow for water, as long as you aren’t the one who has to go down the hole.

    off in search of stable snow.

    not much to be found, so we settled for some trail breaking and exploring.

    this little 300 foot shot was about the only thing we rode, but then again, it was a pretty catastrophic day…

    we’ll be back.

    it just wouldn’t be right to leave this valley by daylight.

    time to start digging.

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    Very nice!

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    Sick Ben!

    I had to go back up for my phone… 😳

    ended up getting bluebird and a couple short laps in south cloud bowl, then went up north cloud bowl to watch the sunset and ride alepenglowpow…

    did some work on the kitchen before hitting the sack.

    Stayed the night and in the am went back up north cloud and dropped the next path to the north and had great snow riding to the lake outlet!! missed a non stop by about 50 yds.. I know where to get some looong safe tree runs next time. above north end of lake, west facing… look at you pano from sparkplug.

    you know tomorrow starts powder month?

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    :thumpsup: epic cave :thumpsup:

    glad you guys played it safe.

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    :headbang: Looks like a rad adventure, well done!

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    Nice Job guys. When will Scott be installing the pizza oven? Thats all thats missing now

    hey, whats the nightly rate on that thing and where do we make reservations?

    Huck Pitueee
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    That looks too fun!

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    Damn that looks like a good time!

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    we went back a week ago to scope out the carnage from the recent rain-on-snow avy cycle and check on the cave.

    the approach trail was obliterated by massive debris piles. maybe i don’t regret every day that i was at work this season.

    after dropping supplies at the cave, kyle checks out the “backyard”.

    darkness is coming… but fortunately this run ends at the front door.

    recognizing the subtle signs of snowpack instability, we opted to spend the next morning working on the entrance tunnel.

    the master craftsman at work, building some kitchen cupboards.

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    Sweet accommodations you got there. W/ running water? Too cool.

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