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    Spring has sprung here in Tahoe and the corn has been great. Last Sunday proved to be the best yet after Joesnow recommended we take our kids for their first Backcountry drop. All kids were between 8 and 11 and did great.

    A.J getiing ready at the base.

    A.J happier now that he’s higher

    Gettin ready to drop

    Please follow this link for a report and pic’s, and you’ll understand why as a Dad i couldn’t have been happier.


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    Looks like fun…glad you could handle them all! 😆

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    You guys are studs! And you dads are pretty cool too.

    Did you guys start your snowboarding kids on skis? What age?

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    Excellent Pics!!! What time did you start the climb and top out?

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    Good Job Pop. Cant be anything better than that. Cant wait untill Memorial weekend. Im taking the wife on the same type of adventure

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    seems you had fun …
    on our trip last saturday we could watch several families with their kids … a very good idea!

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    Great stuff joe and jim! 8)

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    kudos to you guys for exposing your kids to backcountry skiing and riding at such an early age! That was a real treat. I have a 2 year old daughter that will get her first taste of skiing/riding next season. I can’t wait to be able to take her on trips like this one! Thanks for the post, it’s an inspiration for all dads (and moms) out there.

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    Here’s a few more shots for anyone who hasn’t cruised the whole TR:

    One of my faves:

    Voodoo showing the kids that there are many mountains to ski and ride outside the resort boundaries:

    More of the good stuff:

    After that first little bowl, we dropped the Ma Nature groomed 1/4 pipe gully the long East Face:

    Another favorite – skier, dog (on the deck) and snowboarder (in the pipe):

    Mountain Voodoo showing the kids how it’s done (but he wasn’t riding his splitboard):

    One of my best days in the mountains – EVER!

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    That was one of the best trip reports that I have seen. Super stoked on the kid stoke. Those are the kids who are going to grow up and continue what we started. Sweeeeet…thanks for sharing.

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    I am very jealous, I wish one of my kids would share the stoke with me, I can’t even get my step-daughters to go in the backcountry, and I don’t think I’m all that tough to keep up with!

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