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    Its been a lean year in the Sierra. This is my only trip report from my Home base this season 🙁

    The drive up in the wake of the storm

    We started out inside June Mountain Resort. We had no clue what the snowpack was like so June would allow us a few tree laps , then enjoy their open gate policy to slip out back to the negatives. It was a good plan

    Hey , it looks like winter out here

    Jbay climbs into the Abyss

    Time for a pit

    Jbay scopes our line

    It goes

    JimW drops in

    and finds some powder in there

    Jbay drops next

    then my turn. I waited for SDMarcus to round the corner


    Speed Turns



    SDMarcus Slashing

    JimW speeds buy

    end of the day from the parking lot

    Thanks Guys… was fun

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    Some real nice shots there!! Looked like a good day 😀

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    I miss the eastside a ton. Looked thin but fun.

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    Nice work & way to get after it fellas!

    Jbay- I can’t believe I stayed in Socal, to boot- my BC partner quit on me 15 minutes into the skin up Baldy so we waited in line with everyone else. DOH!

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    I think that shot of SDMark dissappearing says it all, but here’s some crappy phone pics to add. I got a few shots from the next day at Powerhouse, but given my conversation with JimW afterwards, I think he’ll probably be putting up a separate TR for Sunday, and I’ll post them up there. Good times guys…great crew, great snow….great reminder of why I love the eastside, even in it’s lean years.

    MaxP, you need to meet Swanny. Reach out. He got 8k of pow in the socal mtns this weekend. 😉

    Duck the rope, get a quarter mile of mellow tree riding in untouched pow, transition, skin:

    Climb, dig:

    Ride (I have shots from my camera memory, but I can’t get them into my computer yet. I have a couple of Tex too, so I’ll get them posted as soon as that new usb cable comes from Amazon).

    As though Ullr himself smiled upon our day, it cleared on the skin back out:

    And Jimw stopped to daydream about some death defying line he did off the other side of Mt. Wood:

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    Whoa, a JimW sighting! MoMart must be open 😆

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    nice guys. how’s coverage around the loop?

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    Horrible down low. All the approach roads are open. But it’s not bad up high. We had to skin back to the resort to descend safely because the choke and deadfall on the bottom pitch wouldn’t sucked.

    Then again, so did the rocks on the cattrack between the lodge and the parking lot.

    Here’s Carson and the slide on Sunday:

    Here it is from last June:

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    Good work!

    Not sure if you got up for a Friday morning session on the lifts, but J7 was crazy good.

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    Jesus it’s thin down there!

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    @upgrayedd_2505 wrote:

    Good work!

    Not sure if you got up for a Friday morning session on the lifts, but J7 was crazy good.

    No…I didn’t get into town til Friday PM, but it was easily my best session at MM all year…I can only imagine how good June must’ve been. We didn’t start this tour til after noon (California Alpine flavor) but we did spin J7 (me Tex and SDMark) that morning before we headed out.


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    @tex wrote:

    :bananas: :bananas: :bananas:

    Great weekend gents, glad I was able to hook-up with you guys.

    Great riding, killer food at Toomey’s and hot tubing…don’t get much better :disco:

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    Nice TR. Looks like a lot of the Cali folks didn’t let this last cold winter blast pass them by… Great snow, and a sweet run among the slim pick’ns we have this year. Sad to see it completely skip the regular corn cycle for this weekend…

    And yah, good action shots… Always love the Houdini shots, disappearing into the white room only to pop out a second later, all smiles…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Couple more shots from Jims Camera:
    Our line, right in the V-Notch of the ridgeline:




    Exiting. I like this shot because of Carson Peak in the background and it really shows how high quality the powder was:

    Thanks Jim and Ray for all the shots. Ray if you have anymore that you couldn’t upload, I can try and upload them to my photobucket account.

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    looked like a great day. that place is a long time favorite. multi-chutes in one run, if it connects.

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    So jealous, this looks like a fun day of riding.

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    @liketoride wrote:

    So jealous, this looks like a fun day of riding.

    Yep, me too! Especially since I was just hanging out close by in Mammoth. But it was vacation with my wife, I couldn’t just abandon her 😉

    Haven’t seen you crazies in a while!

    Good to see at least you in Mammoth Jbay!

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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