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    This Zone has many names, on the map its “Nebelhorn” Some Oldtimer’s call it “widows” People even call it “Sierra at tahoe side country” but thats a long bootpack past huckelberry 😆 Ive even heard respected BC shreders call it a legal snomo zone, (more of a grey area snomo zone) I too have been guilty of mobbin the sleds in this zone. 😯 Ive even heard of homeowners in the area trying to start a BC snocat operation 8) That would be cool…. Anyway this Zone is full of pillow madness and I truly enjoy exploring the area!

    The view of the line off Nebelhorn

    With a little more snow mmmmm

    NS 161 revolver R. The ride for today

    Movin on up

    Pillow lines often hold hidden danger, so be on the lookout for any Cali Crevases

    Bowlrider finds a nice drop in

    Aksltxlt on the 2nd rollover

    Pillows on Widows!

    Even the Tokin skier got some

    Get Mountain high

    christoph benells
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    thats adventure peak!

    my buddy tyler his grandpa used to own sierra ski ranch, that sat in the bowl right around the ridge there.

    brings back some good memories that was my go to place for years!

    pillow poppin for days…glad to see there is finally some snow down there.

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    My old solo bc stompin grounds. Gotta dig some old pics up someday….before digital haha.

    Good stuff A! :thumbsup:

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    Those are sick! I always love photos of pillows.

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    not tryin to poach a local SL zone but do you park off the 50 to start skinning? just curious because over the years i’ve salivated following huckleberry all the way out to that ridge…love dem early season Sierra pillows and that looks to follow suit…nice!

    christoph benells
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    the parking is tricky…you can pay the sled hill or park at johnson? pass snowpark and not get messed with

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    That guy sporting a mullet??

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    ^^^ 😆 Nah thats no mullet, just trick photography. The way Dom skiis he should sport a mullet though! So stoked to see the snow come to tahoe, today bottomless inbounds! Some cool lines are gonna open up in the BC, be safe everyone!

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    So jealous! I’ve been in AIARE Level 2 class all day today and worked all week.

    Seriously everyone be safe out there. Check out the site tomorrow. There was some crazy avy activity on Silver Peak in North Shore today or last night. There is still a really deep facet layer.

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    looks cool! i’ve always wanted to check out that zone….

    glad you guys finally have some winter now that it’s spring!

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