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    Ya know…The one thing I can say about the midwest is that I’m proud to claim this place as my home. Not only have some great snowboarders came from here, but my buddy has taken “his own line” truly into a unique spot in an industry that really is tough to say something new.

    I’m proud to call Peter Harvieux a good friend. I knew him back from Fobia skate shop which backed future pro skaters, and supported local groms at a grass roots level. Peter took this same idealogy and for years was Romes snowboards Midwest rep.

    Peter started down his own path when he started Cuordoroy magazine about 9-10 years ago…From there he progressed to creating his own brand. “The Interior Plain Project”. With the unique approach of creating uniqueness around a brand and a relationship with local retailers.

    As a splitboarder I basically gave two shits about riding lifts and riding shorter boards. Peter changed my whole view of having fun on a board and board length preference this winter. When I rode one of his boards a 158 Berserker/Honalee …. I had never ridden anything with so much diversity and a just all around ear to ear charging board.

    Pretty stoked and proud of my Midwest brother, and stoked for what he’s done for midwest snowboarding. It looks like others are pretty pumped on his rides as well.

    Just goes to show you….Will power and great ideas are unstoppable.

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