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    Nice colours on that first pic 🙂

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    after a couple years of snowboard bum transience, the act of “settling down” consumed a lot of my time and energy this summer. yet i still managed to get in a few fishing excursions in my new northwestern home.

    my father came out for a visit and we explored the beautiful twisp river.

    i caught some little fish…

    …and he caught some bigger ones.

    one of the last few days before i started working.

    borrowing a float tube for my first attempt at “belly boat” fishing.

    a rather relaxing way to spend an afternoon!

    despite all that lounging, i managed to hook a trophy bass!

    and better yet, the most prized trophy of any fly angler–the pumpkinseed sunfish!!!!

    ok, so these photos are but comic relief compared to most of what’s been posted here… but dammit i grew up in the northeast, where 4000 feet is a big mountain, and 14″ is a big trout. now that i’ve spent the last few years climbing some real mountains, perhaps it’s time to go fish for some steelhead! anyone got advice??

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    I was fortunate to spend a month traversing the American arctic by river last summer. We caught and ate a lot of fish. These pics help explain why, for me, fishing, like split-boarding, is as much about spending time in the back country with dear friends as it is about the pursuit of the fish or the epic line or turn.


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    Awesome picks Taylor. Are those chum? they sure have cool colors.

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    Ha. Yup. Some pinks, mostly chums… I love chums. Chum-eater. Unbelievable beauty in the arctic.


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    beautiful shots, beautiful place Taylor!

    Rico in AZ
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    I do love fishing in the red rock desert!

    Perfect day.

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    Few more trout from last weekend

    Rico in AZ
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    If you’ve been missing Mumbles around here, you can find his antics over on The Drake message board.
    He seems to have barely passed the initiation rite of passage. 21 posts in 11 days already!

    Dude catches some nice fishes though.

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    Well not being the fellow to really want to give up on anything once it’s season wanes… I convinced a couple bros that cold camping is the shitski… We headed up to my Ely cabin, and set out for some fishing at a kind of a hidden campsite. We had to don orange due to it being deer hunting season.

    And it turns out Surly brewing just released “The Darkness” An Imperial Russian Stout.

    Nothing says “fokk yeah.. let’s do this like a 9 am brewski”

    group photos on a sweet overlook

    Brookie after taking a grouse that fell into a deep crevasse after I shot it

    Hunter/Gatherer Surf and Turf

    Another fine Rainbow on a somewhat hidden lake.. They were loving the worm harness spinners

    And this may very well be the last fishin for the year…. Well until the ice comes in, and we do it all over again.

    Bring on the split!! :thatrocks:

    wasatch surf
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    My old man sent me this photo.

    58F in Ruby Valley Montana today.

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    Another one from my old man in the Ruby Valley


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    San Juan 3/10. This year I didn’t splitboard on my b-day, weird.

    Huck Pitueee
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    Hey if you have to go to Oahu Hawaii definitely bring a rod.
    Nearvous waters fly shop will get you going. And Louie is a great guide.
    If you never hooked a bone fish it’ll fry your brain! You gotta have at least 150 yards of backing.

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    got a new boat for fishing 😀 1982 Campion 180 hard top, 17.5′ with a suzukie 140

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    Went on an dual MX powered fishing trip with my splittin bro boardrider247. We took the long way up to my cabin in Ely, MN to do some fishing.

    Pretty sweet way to see some remote parts of MN.

    KLR packed up and rollin’

    Danny Boy’s murdered out KTM

    We stopped at a watering hole/hotel, and proceeded to drink alot, and BS with the locals…some whom really thought smokin’ weed was baaaaaad(sounds like somebody has too many stems and beans in their mix, eh)..

    Danny sporting that all knowing shit eating grin of his after many libations…My bike is sporting a PBR..I’m just straight sporting “wasted!!”

    We hiked out to a cool camp spot that is for the most part not used much…Nice and quiet, and a good fishing spot.

    Hennesy comfort land

    1st fish is always dinner, 2nd is just fun

    enjoying the view, and watching mr. brookie get cooked on the spit

    Early AM on the hike out..that’s actually on top of a 100ft cliff…super sweet vista

    back on the road and stopping for some tasty smoked fish

    Danny boy in front of his Lake Superior surfing spot

    They get big enough breaks to snap boards from what I’ve seen in photos.

    Then 10 mins from home after completing about a 600 mile trip. A lady decides to try to make a turn in front of me at a light.. panics, and stops. I had 2 choices…either get T-boned, or dump my bike. We know who always loses when dumbasses drive cars around motos.

    Rico in AZ
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    Splitrippin, that is just rad. Always have wanted to do something like that. So. UT and SW CO would be awesome places to fish and explore from my homebase.
    Sorry to hear you had to tuck and roll. Exactly why I am motorcycle averse.
    Great pics! Thanks!

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    Right on splitrippin! I love seeing some back home pics. 10+ years ago I lived in Hudson, WI. We used to take the KLR’s up along lake Superior to Thunder bay, Cuban cigar’s and fishing. Now my aging KLR takes me steelheading Oregon’s coastal rivers and trout fishing the Cascade lakes. I’ve been thinking about mounts on the KLR, so I can take the split on some spring corn missions. :guinness:

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