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    Big Carp. First one, They are WAY to boney to eat ever again!

    3 Kokanee and a cuple carp

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    Thanks Utah! Thats the problem with the internet and computers. My mac is 5 years old and i cant even watch those vids. Can only create and watch them on my brothers newer MacBook… Slow internet is no good for high def videos either!

    Rico in AZ
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    :guinness: Here’s to the new season!
    Lee’s Ferry, Colorado River, Glen Canyon, AZ

    There was much of this,

    And a bunch of these, still in spawning colors,

    Great day on the water, the wind did get pretty evil though.

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    fishing has been excellent on colorado’s front range.. big thompson had the hogs but the pressure from all the other fisherman had me going to the smaller streams around. mostly rainbows and browns, with a couple greenback cutthroat. hard to take photos when havin fun but here’s a quick vid….

    Rico in AZ
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    My snow season is pretty much done, so fuck it, it’s fishin’ time!

    Last weekend, Lee’s Ferry. Netted over 20, lost a bunch more, all chunky ‘bows. Camped, beautiful quiet evening while a great horned owl kept me company.


    Ancient spirits watching over,

    Splitting season may be over, but I’m glad I love fishing just as much.

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    Fokk yes! It’s fly fishing time! I’ve got a few weeks for it’s on here, so I’m stoked to fish!

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    Obviously not riding enough. Gearing up for guiding season and getting rowdy on the river. Twisted in Wyo!

    wasatch surf
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    great pics everyone. :thatrocks:

    i’ve been hitting the river pretty consistently since feburary. the rivers are high as fuck right now and may will be an interesting month for sure. good to see this thread alive again.

    Me with a nice brown during a midge hatch photo: Darin Marx

    First Fish of the Year

    BWO Hatch

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    Fuck what an awesome thread here, fishing TRs :bananas:

    I like the catch and release of the fish carcass. I may have to get on flickr or whatever and get some flyfishing stoke on here. Been getting some nice rainbows and tons of big bull trout, although its slowed now.

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    @Wyomingsplit_ride wrote:

    Nice looking trout mustache bro! :thumpsup:

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    Great posts! :headbang:
    Any of you anglers dabbled in Tenkara?

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    I guess it’s that time of year for us folks in So Cal….VIVA MEXICO!!!

    Hadn’t been to mex for a few years and was pretty stoked with the vibe on the gulf side

    Just picked up this kayak on CL and have been pretty pleased with the results

    Fish coffin cooler…some biggun’s for sure!

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    Warning, pics spam from France & Japan:

    Love small mountain streams & lakes. No monsters like you guys get in AK, all little guys, but it is all about the journey.


    Can you spot the Iwana (guess the equivalent name in NA would be the arctic char)?

    There it is:

    Have a poor eyesight? ok, full zoom:

    Now surely you can see this one, white fin edge gives it away.

    Lil Raimbow on dry

    Lil Iwana to the net

    Bit of a fighter

    Nice Robe

    I see ya!

    Off you go

    Golden Iwana, this one ended up on some friends’ dinner plate

    Sometime you encounter some other “wildlife”:


    Access can sometimes be a challenge

    But all worth it in the end

    Back in the streams

    Life’s a stream

    Rico in AZ
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    Trout fishing from Japan! RAD! :clap:

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    The results of a 1/2 hours work on Memorial Day…

    not really much into fishin, but I sure love catchin and eatin!!!

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    Japn has it all Rico, the snow & the fish 😉
    holly smokes D, all these huge ones in 30 mins…That’s unbelievable. I think the fish must have suicidal tendencies over there, or they’ve got the hots for you!

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    hey guys, im looking for a 3-4 weight 7-8ft pack rod, for backpacking.
    not looking to throw to much $$$ at it because it wont be my everyday rod just used once in a while in the backcountry.

    any suggestions or anyone have something they want to get rid of?

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    just a few pics from the last couple weeks on the south coast of vancouver island.

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    one from the other day

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    Combat fishing?.. anyone?

    I believe the bear will win myself

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