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    Here’s my contribution to the thread. 🙂

    Nice sized catfish on Zebco gear at Lake Berryesa.

    Rico in AZ
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    Nice whale, Ahab! You might be the winner of the big fish of the summer award.
    Where’s the wake boarding photos?

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    All that needs is some Hot oil, yellow corn meal ,salt and pepper.

    Shit , looks like I better do some fishin at Vons tonight,catfish is on the menu :drool:

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    Newfie Trouting outing… Significant O nets first Newfoundland Brookie.

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    My bro and i went up to Wyoming last week in search of some native Bonneville’s…
    (More photos at–

    -My boy dutch and i scoping out some run’s to fish

    -Throwin’ loops

    -Ian fooled this one with a nice hopper!

    -Love this river, cant wait to go back 😉

    Rico in AZ
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    Neil, Great pics!
    This might be the best pic of the season,

    Where? Upper Bear River? (If it’s a secret you don’t have to say).

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    That river is one of the main tributaries to the Bear river, i’ll let you do the research! 😉 The fish in this photo here was caught early june a few summers back, in the main fork of the bear “somewhere” up in the uintas… This is the choicest bonneville i have seen in real life!!! Thing was a PIG!!! Unfortunately the shutter on my camera (ghetto Holga) was broken and the fish’s head was out of focus… The one day we decide not to bring the full Camera rig and he hooks the best fish of his life! He was lucky i threw my toy camera in the pack!!!

    wasatch surf
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    Here are some pics from this summer so far. It’s been a good one.

    My dad and our guide chris miller on the yellowstone river

    Healthy Montana Brown

    Some Henry’s Fork action

    more pics at

    wasatch surf
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    Yesterday I went for a hike in the Uintas. We did around 11 miles in 5 hours so I didn’t have much time to stop and fish but I managed to get a couple of cast in.

    The waiting game

    Fish on!

    Back for another day

    PS-Neil, that stream looks dope. Beautiful fish too!

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    cool thread guys, you all really get out there and fish. What do you guys think of this? I’m going to pick it up…

    sorry for the drift…

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    you really know how to hunt out incredible scenery wasatch. didn’t get to ride with you last season (my own fault) but i’ll be hitting you up this season for sure!!!

    nice work. :thumpsup:

    wasatch surf
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    Holbyco-Thanks man there is no shortage of good lookin places around here. get at me this season!

    wasatch surf
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    Did an annual trek to small stream in Idaho in search of native cutthroats and spent an afternoon on the Gallatin.

    trip report and pics

    Rico in AZ
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    Mr. Wasatch Surf,
    These are some very nice fish!

    If you read much, some guys at TGR turned me on to this book, which I just finished

    H.R. Montgomery goes on a quest to fish for native trout, many cutthroats, and spends some time fishing in Utah. He spends a lot of time talking about the impact of man and history on the native fish of the mountain west. Highly recommended.

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    caught this nice silver at a cool spot on the prince william sound.

    we caught 2 more that day as well and ate like kings.

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    Not much snowboard action from me latley… Crashed my dirtbike on thaxgiving and broke the ol’ ankle. So instead i have been summer day dreaming a lot! Here is a video for the fly fishermen out there lookin’ for a bend in the rod! Filmed by my bro and i, A summer day floating a choice utah river…
    click link to view in HD-

    Rico in AZ
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    thanks for viddy neil. i’ve been missing fishing too.
    but it’s winter now, i got snowboarding to do.

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    Super sweeeeet viddy. Thanks!

    Stagger Lee
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    Another great video provo :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Nice fishies too.
    On a side note, I was just listening to “Row Fast” seconds before watching the vid 😆

    “Rooaw Mista Fishermon rooaw …”

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    Sick Neil, This is first time I’ve had a computer that allows me to see your vids. Damn you hit the Uintahs on some sick days. You and your brother are ripping it.

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