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    Driving Down from Truckee I was thinking about what lies ahead. Nice day skinning up a familiar face with some old friends. I like the Tahoe area. mostly for views like this

    I didnt feel like anything Big or Steep, just wanted some meadow skipping in the sun

    So, off we go. Up Tallac

    The usual’s

    Dave Topping out


    LuLu’s Boss

    And….Puffnat and Powderjunkie even showed up

    The Crew was assembled

    Like I said before, I was just up for some light meadow skipping

    So, I wasnt too concerned about conditions down the cross, I didnt plan to drop it anyway
    But, JimW was making me a bit nervous …..he always stands really close to cliffs. See him in the background?

    The conditions didnt look bad. I was told you have to make a hard right down before those trees or you will cliff out. i thought “So? Im not dropping here”

    Then this guy tells me I am

    * If you dont feel like dropping big lines dont hang with the big boys *

    Oh well, here we go

    It wasnt too bad. Only one tomahawk , stupid sluff. we Go

    PJ droppin in, looks like he’s surfing big sunset cliffs

    Then it was JimW,s turn at bat

    Jim on the lower but much more rippable section


    We found a nice natural half pipe with a narrow exit. That was fun

    It was another great day in the Sierra with some old, great friends

    * And a big thanks to Dave and Buffy for driving me back to get my poles :banghead:

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    Looks like a sweet day. Thanks for sharing. I bet the views with mountains and the lake never get old. Really pretty place.

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    Sick… nice photo TR!

    Rico in AZ
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    nice to see the old skool crew together!

    i <3 tallac. good stuff tex.

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    I’ve always wanted to ride Tallac and get the Tahoe experience. Just looks like fun. Thanks for sharing your outing with a good group, Tex!

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    Those skinning pics with the lake out behind are really spectacular. :thumpsup: One day I’ve got to get to that area in the winter.

    Also really dig those back lit powder shots.

    Puff Nattie
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    “TOMAHAWK TEX” where’s the video? Nice seeing the crew. Every time I see you (and the rest of the splitters) I realize how much I love hanging out in the bc w/you guys. We need to go out together more often.
    Here are a few of ours. Mine were taken w/iphone so they aren’t the best quality
    Here comes the sleepy slow poke 😉

    The crew topping out

    Happy Ray Ray

    Crystal Range Pano

    No powder here folks. Jim W


    Post tomahawk

    Buffy sprayin’ some fluffy goodness

    Always a good time w/this funky bunch :disco:

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    So beautiful up there, I need to spend more time in Tahoe.

    Good to see some of the OG’s getting together and shredding in style. :band:

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    It was fun hanging out with everyone. Good pow and good times! It was a special occassion, Ray’s birthday, so we couldn’t miss it.

    I didn’t get too many pictures; here’s one of PJ and Tex with Halls in the background

    Here’s Nat and JimW

    Nat drops in

    Dave drops in

    Dave getting into the chute

    Nat raising the gnar bar

    It was a good day on Tallac

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    @TEX wrote:

    But, JimW was making me a bit nervous …..he always stands really close to cliffs. See him in the background?

    No he doesn’t! Haha!

    Looks like a good time!! :rock:

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Maybe we can rename this thread “JimW on the edge” 😆

    Wish I woulda seen y’all out there, I think I was riding right up the road. Tallac is looking sweet, didn’t have that much snow up high all of last year.

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    Why does everyone except for me have pictures of me standing on the edges of cliffs? :scratch:

    Anyway… yeah, great day with the OG crew. The only things missing were the dude on the left (SanFrantastico), and the jacket on the right :disco:

    Will post up my pics tomorrow.

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    jimw 😆

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    Here is AC putting the second set of tracks down that day!

    The apron all the way to the flats are what dreams are made of

    I also eyed the Halls area that day and got a closer look the next day :mrgreen:

    checking out our tracks

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    Beautiful area for sure, I’d love to come shred there sometime. Thanks for posting.

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    i can’t think about my time in tahoe without thinking about tallac. what an iconic feature of the south shore! it’s cool to see a bunch of the nor cal crew all riding it together. i hope someone figure out the gate so you didn’t have to walk! conditions looked great. cool to get a look up at halls, too. thanks for the report!

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    where is chico?

    looks like a lot of fun! thanks tex.

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    @jimw wrote:

    Will post up my pics tomorrow.

    Uh, I meant a week from tomorrow…

    So finally, here are some of my pics from that awesome day. Great to get the old crew back together. Naturally, I had way too much stuff to do before leaving, so I got 2 hours sleep and started driving at 3 AM. Yay. But when I saw how great the coverage was, I got my second wind.

    The thing that sucks about Tallac is having to start from the main road if you don’t have the gate code. But at least we were able to skin all the way from the car.

    Pretty soon we were starting the real skinning…

    … and views of some of the goods came into view. Things were looking good.

    The benefits of starting a little later were that 1) a solid skintrack was already in, and 2) we weren’t freezing our asses off.

    Pretty nice views of the lake on the way up… never gets old.

    Finally can see the top!


    Just then scruffy showed up with Lulu. Of course he had already done a lap and already caught back up with us.

    Finally on top. Hmm, where to go?

    PJ checks out the various entrances to Gnarville.

    Looking back at Gnarville from another vantage point, uh, standing on top of a cliff. PJ is standing in the same place as the previous pic. He yells over, “Does it go??”

    Gnarville doesn’t quite go today. 🙂 But the Cross was looking good, with just a few tracks in it. There was also a half-buried bootpack over to the top of Babycham, so we speculated that might be good to go but weren’t sure w/o being able to see it first. Turns out it was great – breadbox rode it the next day with his crew and said it was epic.

    Looking over at Halls, which ja_surf rode the next day (bastard! :))

    TEX drops in. It’s a good day to be splitboarding!

    PJ in the main chute. The upper section was a little variable from the previous tracks. Where it was untracked it was primo.

    TEX and PJ down a little lower.

    The rest of the crew rode the right arm of the Cross, but we didn’t see them till the bottom, because PJ was in a hurry to track it all up for them. 🙂

    Then we decided to do one more bonus lap. It was late and getting really cold, and TEX’s skins finally stopped sticking, so he had to resort to… SPLITBOOTIN’!!

    We got in some nice bonus turns and finally got back out to the private road, which we were able to skate out

    … all the way to the road baby!

    Super fun day with a super fun crew!

    The next day I hung around and did a couple laps on the Heavenly to Gardnerville run. It’s not often that this run is in condition (5k total vert), and it was excellent that day. Sometimes it’s nice to take the lift and hike like 15 minutes for that! 🙂

    Here are some pics of the area we were at the previous day from the chairlift. Tallac, with the Cross dead center:



    Pulled back

    Short hike from the lifts to the top of Monument peak

    The run ends up way down in the flats down there:

    Ben in perfect pow

    It was Spliff-a-licious

    I was hanging out with Ben and Amy, and they have a son Max, so Amy was watching Max while Ben and I did the first run. She picked us up, then we left Max with Ben so Amy could get in some shredding too. Of course, Max got his shred on too:

    Then Amy and I headed out. I was forced to do two runs in that damn powder. It was rough! Amy on top of Monument:

    Droppin in

    … and gettin some!

    and once again, all the way to the road. Great way to end the weekend!

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