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    Kyle Miller
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    I want to give a huge thanks to everyone involved with the Cali tour of Freerider, I really had a great time.

    Thank you to Kathy for taking me down there and your endless support.
    Thank you to Chris for showing me around Tahoe
    Thank you to Dave for letting me stay at his pad
    Thank you to Darren and Natalie for showing me the Eastern Sierra and giving me a place to stay
    Thank you to Swanny for a place to crash in North Lake
    Thank you to Tex for loaning me his crampons and Ice Axe
    and thank you to everyone for touring with me and checking out FreeRider while I was in town I really had a blast.

    As for the Film Thanks Ale, Kathy, Robert Jason, Jake and Boot for being a part of it

    Possibly the Eastern side this spring and I will be posting a TR soon

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    Enjoyed having you down. Was really fun to get you out with the regular crew.
    How did you like the Plateau?

    Kyle Miller
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    Endless possibilities for sure.

    I also used your crampons for a moonlight summit of Shasta yesterday.

    Thanks again

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    Fun night in Weed!

    And you brought snow like we hoped.

    Come back anytime.

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    Kyle how can we get our hands on your video?

    Kyle Miller
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    At this moment the video is not for sale. We (Crest Pictures and I) have been showing it and I have done a few slideshows. We will be entering it in a few festivals and they frown on publicly releasing the video.

    Soon my friend

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