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    Those are from ScottyBob they do funky tele-skis outta Silverton. I’ll pass on tele-guys designing my snowboards, at least for a while.

    This looks like my old Gnu or was it a Barfoot? Only difference is the “scottybob” cutouts on the tails…

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    Some of those shapes are cool, but most are downright horrendous. I don’t know what a swallow-nose would do for ya….

    But hey, if you got a garage ski shop and a lot of time on your hands, and a bunch of locals to test shapes for you, then why not fuck around with some nonconventional shapes? I’m sure most people laughed at reverse sidecut shapes when they first came out, now there are several big names making them…

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    I appreciate what they’re trying to do–small, boutique, novel shapes–and I want to like what’s going on here, but I have to believe that non-snowboarders designed at least some of these decks given their quirky and even dangerous design features. Like, with a few of the designs, their longer size offerings are narrower than the shorter size offerings… I don’t get it. Bigger people who need longer boards typically also have bigger feet and need wider boards too. And any snowboarder who’s ever shredded trees at speed can envision how disastrous it would be to jam a barely-buried tree limb or stub in the slot of a split shovel–especially a slot that widens proximally. In fact, I don’t even want think about all that could go wrong in that scenario. Again, I don’t get it.


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    Yeah the split nose looks scary :(, but many of the other designs i would love to give a try . Without seeing the specs they look like longer turning radius’s ala Furburg (who is also ski inspired). Variation in the market is good from my perspective. As far as a tele guy making a snowboard, i think its great. If we have some more hybridizing of technologies accross the ski/tele/board spectrum we all benifit. I looked a the company website and noticed some of the same weirdness that you did Taylor 175cm with 24.5 cm waist? My guess is this company would do custom work?? I may have to retract my :drool:

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