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    Winter arrived late in the Sierra. Tallac is in my backyard, but the urge to climb and ride her is just not there. Along the crest the conditions are good. If you know where to go B to A+ pow can be found. I have had a blast gettin out and gettin it. But shit, Im beat from hiking. I need a lazy man’s tour, with sick lines. :rock:

    A minimalist approach, I like that…. minimal approach, minimal effort, minimal bushwakin and easy skinning. This is my tour of “Tallac the lazy man’s route”

    What do fat girls and scooters have in common?

    Fun to ride till your friends see ya with them

    Breakin trail at the trailhead

    We put a skin track in right here

    Half hour skin from the scoot the objective comes into view


    and up

    Nearby saucy lines


    Alright its time to get high :doobie:

    Slopeside of the drop in. this is far as we go, no summit attempt here, this is the lazy man’s tour

    Snobro drops in

    Of course, I get mine

    2 weeks of powder chasing and Im sore. Im stoked winter came late. It is good out there. Oh yeah, It snowed on us on the way out! The snow gods are pleased

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    Nice work. Good idea with the scooter. Do you know how legal it is to go around the locked gate with a motorized bike? Its definitely beats the bicycle as far as laziness goes. Makes me want to get one.

    And way to post of picture on the internet of you and anther dude on a scooter. :mrgreen: That takes balls.

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    NIce! Tallac just isn’t as fun as it used to be before the spring creek closure.

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    I’ve used snowmobiles, bikes, and motorcycles to access Tallac. The motorcycle with two dudes wearing packs with boards, and a sissy bar, makes for a tight squeeze – makes me feel like Lloyd and Harry. It always feels great to cruise past skiers walking down the road in ski boots, and then then see them get to their car while you are already out of your gear drinking a beer. :guinness:

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    Yea, too many locked gates in the Tallac/ Angora area.. From Fallen leaf to spring creek, the 2nd homeowners think they have some private gated community.. Reminds me of N shore beach access. The original excuse for locking those roads down in winter was snow removal issues. And now that the snow is gone the gates are still locked :scratch: Anyway, I got more than just the scoot, I got dirtbikes too! Whos down for an early Tioga or Ebbetts mission?

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    nice! stoked to see u guys got to a less popular spot up there

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