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    Saturday we headed to Mt Tallac with Kyle Miller, another fun day in the mtns!

    The frontside has seen better days but with the lack of snow we’ve had this it was a welcome sight

    We had a large crew and it was great to see some familiar faces. Tex, ecobrad, powderjunkie, and kidwoo.

    Alister from Chimera (thanks for letting me ride the Scepter too, I’m lovin’ it!)

    Jason taking in the beauty that is Lake Tahoe

    Desolation Wilderness

    Storm cycle natural avy activity

    The Crystal Range

    After backing off the top entrance to The Cross we settle for North Bowl, Kyle Miller

    And then head over to the Right Arm, Tex

    The top was baked but once we got back in the shade it was good to go, Kyle



    Looking into The Cross






    KM at the bottom

    Thanks splitters! :thatrocks:

    Huck Pitueee
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    Nice shots! Wish I was there.

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    nice pics, chris!

    glad you guys got some snow for the fest, thought it’s still sad to see tallac looking so bony in march!

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    Sweet, one of the Greatest Mountains in the world! I am amazed at how little snow there is on Tallac for March, intense.

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    Yeah, a tallac day. what a huge and fun crew that day. good to meet and tour with the chimera doods and a fun split party. :disco:
    i’ll get some pics up soon.

    Rico in AZ
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    Nice, I need to get back there. North Bowl looks decent, at least not wind hammered like I got it.
    Good crew, Kyle and UT splitters too!
    Bcrider, you touring with Kidwoo now? A word to the wise, don’t ride bikes with him unless you’re very well insured.

    Kyle Miller
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    Thanks for showing me around everyone.
    I had a great time and I look forward to returning.

    Crest Pictures
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    Awesome pix Chris … and thanks so much for taking Mr Miller into the Tahoe BC while we were touring Northern Calif with FreeRider … and for your constant support .. you rock dude!

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