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    Hey, I’m new to splitting, my girlfriend got me voile skins and i always see people talking about making tail clips. is it really necessary tho?

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    Not a must, but if you plan on doing more then one lap they will help keep them on as snow sticks to them or as they freeze (important to keep those suckers warm on the down). My favorite combo is the black diamond sts tail kit with the g3 twin tip connector.

    STS kit:

    g3 twin connector:

    if you look at the reviews on the g3 connector, on the bottom a buddy of mine posted a picture of what the final product will look like.

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    That was Pontus

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    Cool, thanks for the info, for thirty five bucks i would rather have them then not

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    I also have the STS + g3 and love it, but there are many who don’t use anything.

    FWIW, for my other skins I’ll probably get Spark tail clips – just so that I support a dedicated split company, not that my current setup is lacking


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    I ran skins for 2 years without clips and rarely had a problem.

    The clips will help eliminate your tail from flapping, which results in snow build up between the skin and base – this can get heavy and slow you down.

    Are they a must… I think not – do they serve a purpose – yes. Can snow find a way to build up between the base and skin with a clip – yup.

    I’m running Sparks skins w/clips

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    Went for a couple years without them with nary a problem, but decided to order the Sparks setup anyway because I am an inveterate gear ho.

    Before they arrived in the mail I went on a longer tour and one of my skins completely iced over towards the end and wouldn’t stick at all. Had a miserable final hour or so trying to MaGuyver a solution shivering in the dampness as darkness encroached and my partners somewhere above wondering where f was I.

    So, I guess my answer is – you’ll probably rarely find them needed, but there might be that one time…..

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