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    Hey, Im making my homemade split and was looking for the t-bolts (much like the ones in the split kit for the touring bracket) I was goin to use them for an adjustable stance. My local hardware store did not have the correct hardware. The hardwaRE with the voile kit is metric,. If ya know of company or person selling please respond

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    I found some hardware at True Value Hardware. I think the hardware Voile uses is 6mm screws which are very close to 1/4 inch. I got some 1/4 inch T Nuts and screws and will try them out with the pucks…

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    Do you have a McLendon’s near you? If so, they will have everything you need including stainless T-nuts with matching stainless allen head screws.

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    I ended up going to Nels hardware in south lake.They have the tbolts in standard sizes. The hardware actually sits better in the board than with the voile kits hardware. :bananas: The board is coming out sweet and the universal pucks work. (just hope they dont pull out!) Cant wait till it snows, I hiked out to round top today and there is still some snow under cresent moon

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