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    Bean Dawg
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    hey guys, i just started split-boarding this year and i am trying to plan a trip over summer. I’m in the military so i don’t get much time off but, this year i have July 21st- August 17th off. I’m thinking of going to Patagonia and hiring some guides but that is pretty pricey. Is there any good Corn snow in Alaska or BC during this time? where would yall recommend i look into?



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    anywhere in Chile/Argentina is so sweet that time of year, if you can pull it…. just go to portillo and start asking around, tons of gringos hiking.

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    Bean Dawg.
    Why not head Downunder for the Pacific Splitfests.
    Early Sept for the Australian and then the NZ events.
    You will love NZ!

    Adam West

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    I can second the whole NZ idea

    Occasionally they get powder…

    The kiwis also got some alaskan shit goin’ on…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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