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    This TR is two months overdue. I’ve written and deleted it a few times but I can’t stop thinking about Argentina so I thought I’d post it. When I reflect on our trips into the mountains I often feel like we could’ve done more; hiked more, ridden more, pushed harder, gone for a bigger line, etc. It’s so easy to be an armchair mountaineer and be critical of the decisions we make.

    Just a few weeks after our trip I got a text from a friend that Liz had been in an accident, in Argentina, just a few hours south of where we were. It was a shock. It still is. Liz was the one who took her riding from the PNW to Chamonix and back, inspiring so many people and spreading her endless energy and passion for life to everyone around her. My thoughts have often been with her family, her fiance and others who she was close to.

    This certainly added perspective – lines I wished I had ridden became less important and the fact that we made it home took priority. I love to push myself and explore the mountains, but the most important thing is making it home safe. Our ultimate goal is that the adventure goes on. No matter how skilled or practiced we are, the mountains have the ultimate say.

    I’m excited about the upcoming season and more than ever I feel a closeness to my friends in the mountains. We’ve made some amazing friends in the Sierra’s but especially in times like this I miss our crew from the PNW. I hope everyone gets out and has their best season ever, full of pow and endless turns. But especially, I want a safe season.

    The Trip:
    In our two week trip to Argentina Sara and I got engaged, rode fun in-bounds laps at Cerro Catedral, spent the night at Refugio Frey, rode horses (Sara’s passion), ate a ton of steak, drank our weight in wine and partied in the local bars. It was more than amazing and I know I have to go back, hopefully for an entire season.

    We captured a few photos of the trip and I made a short video edit. If anyone knows how to make the pics a little smaller let me know.

    Refugio Frey

    #TeamMeg made it all the way to Refugio Frey

    Ridin’ horses in Argentina

    Sara shreddin’

    Tranador is now on the hitlist

    Snowpack was a little light

    Had a couple blue bird days at Cerro Catedral.

    Epic sunsets every night over Nahuel Huapi Lake

    Here’s the video edit. Full disclosure: this does not include much snowboarding. We filmed just one day of riding and the majority of the movie was filmed on an iPhone. I guess it’s time to upgrade to the new GoPro. *note – I couldn’t get the youtube widget to work so here is the hyperlink, any tips?

    (right click to open in new tab)


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    Nice buddy! Let’s get out soon. Come down to the eastside. :thatrocks: :guinness:

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    Rad. And I really appreciate your words about whats important. So many accidents and more and more reaching closer to home. Lately I have really been finding superior satisfaction in keeping things mellow and not caring about doing anything too knarly. I second you on a new season of keeping it safe out there.

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    Jerk – I would love to make a trip down to the eastside. Will def be on the list for this spring.

    Snowsavage – I’m glad we’re on the same page. Snow will be stacking up soon and we’ll all have to make decisions in the mountains. I plan to ride another 1000+ days in my life and I remind myself of that every time I consider dropping into a big line.

    Pray for snow!

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    Great pics, and great words. Looks beautiful. So many mountains to ride, and only one life to do it in.

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    Nice super duper sweet TR ….. Argentina has always been calling… Thanks for the additional push to make it happen!

    And congrats on the engagement!!….A life spent together in the mountains keeping each other in check and sharing summits is a thing few people will every experience….kudos!


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    Strong work. I have had this one on the books for a while… Guess it is time to make it happen.

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