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    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, let me know if not and I’ll delete.

    Been in Seattle two weeks, haven’t even been able to reach out to try to meet partners….and my storage unit was robbed today. I lost a 2011 T-rice split with Karakoram bindings, and a 2010 Gnu Billy Goat with Burton Custom bindings. I also lost two high-end mountain bikes. If anyone sees them for sale online, I’d appreciate an email:

    Thanks in advance!


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    Ahh, shit that blows. I’d say this is totally the appropriate place for this sorta thing. No where near Seattle, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled anyways, that setup does stand out.

    What the fuck is with thieves? My truck was broken into on the weekend, parked at a trailhead, and they actually went to the trouble of breaking a lock that any key will open….

    That was Pontus

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    I saw this on CL a couple of days ago: T-Rice 161.5 w/ K-clips, no bindings.

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    ^^^ Nope. Pretty sure that is barking up the wrong tree. Know that dude. Man, with K binders, ouch. This is why I keep all my receipts. Taxes and insurance. Spring is a great time to get an insurance check, what with everything on sale. Make lemonade.

    What size is the TRICE?

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    Keep checking ebay and CL for sure. My son and his buddy had their boards nabbed at the beginning of the season at the resort and the thieves put them on there and were busted by the cops a short while later.

    We’ll keep an eye out in the swap forum too.

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    Yeah, I have insurance and all the receipts for the Lib and K setup. The bikes are going to be the big hurt, I’m sure the insurance won’t begin to cover the cost of replacement. Oh well, it’s only stuff, right? Thanks for keeping an eye out. I’ve got the word out in the Seattle bike community, hopefully something will turn up.


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    @richg wrote:

    Oh well, it’s only stuff, right?

    true, true :thumbsup:

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    @richg wrote:

    Oh well, it’s only stuff, right?

    More than stuff, they are our toys. Steal my car, not my toys. Sad to hear about this, I have had both my bike and my board stolen, and I feel you pain.

    @bcrider wrote:

    and were busted by the cops a short while later.

    It’s always good to hear when someone gets some justice. Did you get the gear back?

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    When my bike got stolen a couple years ago I got replacement cost. Biggest coup ever. It was a 6 or 7 year old XT steel hardtail and I got over $2,000 toward a new bike.

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