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    Here is a link to my climb and snowboard descent of Mt. Tukuhnikivatz in the La Sal mountains outside Moab, Utah. There is one of Chris Davenport’s 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America. Trip report here;

    Rico in AZ
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    That was rad. The La Sals have been on my hit list for a long time, your TR might have just inpsired me to make a go of it next season. Thanks for all the beta you included in your write up.
    Gotta agree, there are very few mountains that I’ve seen that are as aesthetic as the La Sals.

    Well done, and thanks!

    wasatch surf
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    nice. one of the curses of living on the wasatch front is that you never leave the wasatch front. La Sals never seem to make it into my rotation of road trips. next year for sure. thanks for posting this.

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    Nice work! :rock:

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    Rico, you should definitely road trip there. Beautiful mountains, good snow, low crowds, etc. There is not even a ski area in the entire range. Glad you all enjoyed the report.

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    Nice! I hiked that in the summer time after a bigger snow year and was able to butt-sled down almost the whole west facing slope still. Want to go back in the winter but as mentioned before, it is hard to leave the Wasatch.

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