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    Hi folks, enjoy this film my brother Ian and i made from our trip to Alaska last spring. –

    Our addiction to mountains and rivers has always had us looking north to Alaska, where big fish and mountains existed on a level we had only experienced in our dreams. As the winter of 2012 continued to disappoint in the lower 48, it was obvious that Alaska was being buried in snow. It seemed like the time was right, that maybe after 10 years of “practice” in Utah, we were ready for our journey north. We hit the road in March, putting everything we had into our first and for all we knew, our last adventure to Alaska, with two things on our mind, steelhead and spines.

    We joined forces with three of our friends from Utah, for a ski-plane assisted camping expedition in the heart of south eastern Alaska’s backcountry. Over 50 miles by wing from the nearest road, our pilot dropped the 5 of us off on a big lonely glacier encircled by jagged mountains, and in the spirit of adventure, wished us good luck. We would need it. From that point on, the feeling of being completely alone in a wild and unknown land for the first time in our lives penetrated every cell in our bodies. Only one person in our group had ever been to Alaska, Chris Coulter. On day 8 when he suddenly left to work in Haines as a heli guide, the feeling of isolation crept deeper into our minds, and it had never felt so good.

    We chose to do this trip without any guides, plans, itineraries, or rules simply because we wanted to have our own experience. We wanted it to be raw, unknown, and we wanted it to be an adventure. Of course the style we chose made things much more difficult for us than they could have been, but the feeling of accomplishment was immense. We found glorious spines to ride, and stumbled upon one of the best runs of wild Steelhead in the world. Returning home safely from our first journey to Alaska signified a successful mission, along with the wonderful new memories from the greatest riding and fishing experiences of our lives.

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    That was awesome!

    That was Pontus


    sweet vid Neil, love the fishing part, I believe that the pilot at 0:03 was in deeper? am I incorrect?

    Rico in AZ
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    Thanks Neil for posting. Just saw it elsewhere, and was about to post here.

    Pretty much the raddest thing I’ve seen this fall.
    You guys are killin’ it.
    So beautiful, and awesome on so many levels.


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    Incredible video, you guys are an inspiration! :headbang:

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    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow, just wow! The passion you have for riding and shooting is obvious. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

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    the real deal, AK….awesome vid, thanks!!

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    I’ve had the opportunity over the last while to watch bits and pieces of this production come together. Having zero personal experience with filming/editing/producing, I am amazed at the time, dedication, vision and I guess more than anything, passion, that it takes to have a project like this be as we see it now. I’m inspired.

    Thanks for the hard work guys. Looking forward to many more years of stoke from the Provo Bros :thumpsup:

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    I saw the FB post of your new film and watched it over my breakfast before work. You guys are killin’ it! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Keep ridin’, keep filmin’ and we’ll keep watchin’. Be safe and be wild!

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    Yes! :drool: goods gettin Thanks for sharing…

    spruce cabin
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    Love the bike idea.

    Thank you for sharing!


    Wow, like I didn’t already want to go to AK. Can’t decide what was better- the riding or the fishing.

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    Sick guys. some stylie livin’ out there.

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    found some dandy lines!

    Nice job

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    Thanks for the stoke! I think I’ll go tie a few flies and :drool: about those monsters some more!

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    Great flick, loved the mellow vibe!

    You guys coming to New Denver again? Love to go for another tour!

    wasatch surf
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    really nice! enjoyed the presentation last night. was that your guy’s first time fishing for steelhead?

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