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    Guessing by the quietness of this forum were all off to a SHI**Y start to this season……

    I’ve got the itch to get out and get high this weekend! Anyone wandered up the worm flows lately? Not sure this weekends temps in the 50’s and high pressure are going to warrant any technical climbing/descents in the cascades. Thought Helen’s could be a great bet if the coverage isn’t total shi*… but open to other ascent/descent ideas.

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    Hey Joey. Hmmmm I think it could be good up high on Rainier or Hood? The approach on Helens sucks when there’s no snow down low. But maybe it’s good for the top 2k feet of Helens? =)

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    I was up there yesterday (21st) and a skier who had climbed the evening before told us to leave the boards at the car. This was sound advice considering that continuous snow didn’t start until just below treeline and plenty of exposed rocks above that. You could potentially get about 2k feet of turns but it was a mix of heavy, wet, shin deep snow and boiler plate ice. We booted up and ended up needing crampons for the top 1/3 of the mountain.

    There was a pair of skiers and a pair of splitboarders who were headed up as we were coming down and I wasn’t envious in the least bit. That’s a long ways to carry for that short of a run. The weather coming in today should make things even worse.

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    Yeesh… That’s about what I expected but was hoping you may be able to ride to chocolate falls..

    Thanks for the update mtndfndr.

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