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    Heya Peeps… Well I can think of no better time to plan than now…

    Looking to hook up with some of the rippers on here… BCRider, PowderJunkie, MontTucky….etc…

    I’m looking to make a nice 9 day BC trip in March out west.. don’t care where.. just lookin to rip the split with some people that I only know by screen names.

    Ideas appreciated… Maybe we can make a big whoop dee doo festival, or something.

    P.S. keep in mind I’m a flat-land’r, so no laughing at all the wheezing while I acclimate :doobie:

    SPLIT :drinks:

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    Plenty of us here in CA to show you around in March.

    Just stay away from BOOOOOOZZZZZZZEMAN.

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    I’ll show you the local stashes in the Bitterroots-plus intro you to the KettleHouse a.k.a K-hole

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    It’s a plan….. I’ve always wanted to tear around some BC in Montana… I’ve only had a chance to drop some of the fingers.. (literally) and did Slushmans…

    So, I want to see some other spots in Montana…

    Montucky, I’ll stay in touch with you and Samh, and make some trip plans for March…

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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    …Just stay away from BOOOOOOZZZZZZZEMAN.

    LOL. Don’t you be turnin’ into a troll now too, powjunkie!


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