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    Hi. I will be going to Whitefish MT with a couple of friends next month (late February). We will be there for just 3 days. We all want to bring our splitboards to do some touring on the middle day. I know the uphill policy on Big Mountain is very friendly, but since we plan to ride lifts for 2 days and tour for 1 day, I’d rather tour outside of the resort.

    Is it possible to do a 1 day tour at Glacier National Park, or will the approach to take us too long? There isn’t much information on the internet, but I did learn that the road is not plowed past McDonald Lodge in the winter time, which makes anything east of the flathead river difficult to access in a single day. Are there any other spots that people could recommend in GNP or Flathead? I checked the local avy advisory and saw a lot of substantial slides on Nyack. I think that’s generally the place to go, but of course with all the major avalanches, my friend suggested we get a guide. Is guide service really needed, and if so, can anyone make a recommendation?

    Thanks in advance!

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