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    I was at a popular trailhead this last weekend and noticed that of the dozen or so splitboarders I encountered ALL were rocking a beard.
    I wondered why? . . . warmth? . . . laziness? . . . mountain man machismo?
    Anyway I used the search function and could’t find a beard themed thread. Although I did spot some aggressive beards in various posts. This is my attempt to start a split board beard thread.

    self portrait

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    Aww man I love my winter beard. I’ll never go a winter without a beard. A few years ago I rocked the bare cheeks and ‘stache for movember. That december was a month of facial suffering. I guess if you are one of those hirsute fellows who can grow a beard in a week it doesn’t matter, but I need a good ninety days to look manly.

    The self portraits has some great beards. I’m in there somewhere.

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    You want beards

    Adam West

    Matt Wood
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    For the first time in my 38 years on earth I have embarked on a mission to grow facial fur, now some 8 weeks in it is still pretty pitiful. I thought I would tap into my burly side with this experiment, but I find this facial hair thing to be not very functional.

    The ice mask thing is lost on me. 1- It’s painful at times 2- It makes conversation difficult 3- It melts and gets me wet

    I’m gonna ride this one out till the mountain closes, but I doubt I will join the club next year. One plus is my new acceptance by the free heal fairies in these parts, I’ve never before been invited on highway laps.

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    My beard is a function of laziness, already having a steady girlfriend, and the need to look my age for work. Despite the fact that I’m pushing thirty, I was carded last year when briefly clean shaven. For a rated R movie :shock:.

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    A friend of mine once said “shaving is an unnatural act” and I agree. Flaunt what god gave ya. I couldn’t get a full beard till almost 30 and haven’t shaved to less than a goat in 20 yrs.
    splitboarders are practical, shaving is not

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    Did you say you saw alot of splitboarders this weekend, or smelly hippies? 😯

    Bushy.. that means you.. you know this is why you can’t get any lovins. 🙄

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    this one is mild from a couple years ago, it grew into something that was getting stuck in my jacket’s zipper, that had to end. You know what it’s like when your dripping beard puts the doob out? Me either, I’ve only heard about it.

    I rock the beard every winter. A mix of laziness and utility. Once the ice crust forms, it’s like wearing a polarfleece mask. I will say though, having an icy bunch of branches grab onto the icy beard as your ripping through the trees is PAINFUL.

    christoph benells
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    I’m into my sixth straight year with a beard and I’ll probably never go back.


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    Never! A full beard that is…I do rock a goatee tho. lol

    Shit’s way too itchy and when you get to be my age you try and look younger not older. 😆

    Never understood the allure of having a bunch of ice stuck on your face either. To each their own, funny thread. :thumbsup:

    Matt Wood
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    The other obvious plus is that I have been carded more in the last month than in the last decade. My pitiful fuzz makes me look like a HS student vs. the old man I am.

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    My bushiest beard. Since this I have learned to trim my beard at my wife’s request and my dignity. I just like my beard- year round!

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    Another one for the dirty icicle beard splitters..

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    You can almost count me in, I’m rocking a pretty strong ‘stache right now with a very light beard but that’s only because I trimmed off most of the beard the other day.

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    Hmm, Im pretty new to splitboarding but I guess I have to get a beard now.

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